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Sarah Tan

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Before I applied to this DTS, I skimmed through the testimonies of those in the previous Carlisle DTS thinking that I could somehow prepare myself, and I still did not expect that it would be what it has been. If I thought I could see before, I realize now I’ve been so blinded. If I thought I was close to God before, I understand now how much deeper my relationship with Him can grow. If I thought I was loved before, now my heart knows. If I thought I knew God before, the bible convicted me that I didn’t. But you get my drift… like every other thing, walking in righteousness is still a process, and as Paul says, a ‘race’. But this is a race you don’t want to miss … because not just the finishing line, but the journey, is like green tea ice cream, bailey’s ice cream, Starbucks white mocha frappucino, an E.e Cumming poem and a sunrise mixed together (or better, if you would).

Basically, if you want to unveil your eyes, embrace the heart of God, find your purpose in existence and discover that you’re a loved child of your Father … you know what to do! (Read your bible.) (Or…join a DTS and get to do both.)

So if I were to summarize what this DTS has been (which I am), I would say…

Come and find out for yourself 😀

Annoying, I know but… let yourself by surprised. ( i’m not good at summarizing anyway.)

Cardiff… Wales…

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Last week the DTS went to Cardiff for an exciting week of Evangelism. Tyler, one of the DTS trainees, shares some of his personal experiences/thoughts from that week:

Leaving Carlisle Sunday morning we ventured six hours to the south-western portion of England entering Wales. We spent the entire last week in Cardiff with three other DTS programs from England and a school of evangelism, which is also run through YWAM. 80 of us inhabited a local church and there was a strong feeling of community even though none of us new each other that well. I believe it’s this sense of community rooted in love for God that He so desires for our lives. Community that is established in relationship with Him is so unique and that experience alone would have made the week but God had so much more in store.

A man named Yan Nicholls spoke throughout the week but he made it clear that our time was going to be focused on sharing what we say we believe. The intentions of the week were to take what we say we believe and do it. I have stated with my lips that I want to love God, surrender my soul to Him and to allow His will to be done in my life. But rarely in my past have I given Him that opportunity. So the challenge I faced was to take the time in our schedule for ministry and hit the streets. Street Evangelism…. Prior to this week I had a lot of doubts about this practice. My biggest struggle with street evangelism was not establishing my identity in Christ and holding on to this fear of man. Having both of those present have an impacting effect on me, these traits silence me. When I asked myself why I don’t share my beliefs in God with others, I would always come to the conclusion that I was afraid of how people would perceive me. There were two things that struck my heart in the early stages of the week that motivated me. The first was a result of a video blog by an atheist. He made the statement,”If you truly believe in a heaven and a hell how much do you have to hate someone in order not to tell them.” Another factor that pushed me was the living experience that I have had with God’s love and how it has changed me. I began to desire to share my experience with others and be a voice for Christ’s love.

Even with this new found revelation there was still one barrier that held me back. It was an internal struggle with establishing the effectiveness of street evangelism. I would discount this form of loving others because of the brief interaction, thinking it would not make much a difference in a persons life. As I look back, there is so much wrong with that thought process. If I perceive street evangelism with the objective to convert people to Christianity then I have it entirely wrong. Street evangelism is the active statement of surrendering our own comforts to God. It is a demonstration of our desire to be servants for Christ. Our motivation is not to earn God’s love but to respond to His love. It should be a natural reaction to give others the opportunity to be blessed as we have been blessed by Christ’s love.

With this in mind, I always remind myself, God being God, He has no need for us but He gives us the privilege of serving Him and make Him known. Our purpose here on earth is to just receive the divine love of our Heavenly Father and to be givers of this divine love. This is what I believe street evangelism is all about, stepping outside our own comfort zones to love others. I was blessed last week to see God take small amounts of courage possessed by my team-mates and strengthen their faith through blessing the interactions they had with strangers. The growth I have witnessed in myself and my team-mates continues to nurture the excitement in how God will use us in South Africa.”

In The Beginning…

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…there were ten Godly people, spread all over the world. The Spirit hovered over them, considering where to send them. Then, God spoke (and talked with Jesus and the Spirit) and said, Carlisle is lonely; we shall send helpers to them. And so it happened, the Carlisle 2010 January DTS came to be, and God saw it was good, and sometimes it was very good.

The first night, it all looked very strange to them. They entered an industrial, old, British town, and came together in the Old Vicarage. Here they met for the first time, sharing their lives and some drinks. The glory fell on them and they began to speak English. Then they could truly understand each other, and that was the beginning of true friendship.

Then, three people appeared, and ‘the Ten’ were all afraid of them. They said, ‘do not be afraid, we are here to guide you.’ And their hearts calmed down. The first weeks flew by, like they did not happen. But they did, and they were very interesting, and cool. The Ten grew closer to each other, stopped staring at each other, and really had conversations.

The first full lecture week, they found out that God was actually all powerful, all knowledgeable, everlasting, infinite, and mindblowingamazing. It was funny how they had underestimated God. God began to reveal areas in their lives that needed healing, and He began to mess up their lives. But only to build them up again. And sometimes it hurt, but they always knew God had sent them to this place. Then they started to find the meaning of life. Life is not meaningless after all. If you want to know more, check out ‘the Bible’. It is a cool book, that can be useful. Life is all about being blessed and ‘being a blessing to all the other peoples’ (read this with a high voice, Stephen Sullivan would say it like that.).

Meanwhile, in their free time, they went to the Lake District, a mountainous area which was possibly the Garden of Eden. They send some soil to the Big Scientist, but the results were not looking good. Better luck next time. Furthermore, in precious free time, they had a castle picnic, played football, had pints at some different pubs, and some of them dressed up like some hippies from the eighties.

But there is more than lecture and free time. They reach out to the people every Friday night. Handing out Holy Spirit Coffee, Tea, or Hot Choco to the people going out to the pubs. And with that come a lot of conversations about Jesus. And there are times of preparation for outreach, which is in South Africa by the way. They do drama skits, dances, and even preaches. And a really funny Dutch song, called ‘Hoofd, schouders, knie en teen’, which would be ‘Head, shoulders, knee and toe’ in English.

Meanwhile, David tried to explain the meaning of the Bible. He led us facing our ‘Giants’, spiritual strongholds that hold us back from God. ‘Cause these strongholds are actually not strong, they are afraid of you. And David compared it to the people of Israel, ready to enter the Promised Land, but then, afraid of the giants, they choose not to enter, which led them to forty years in the desert. And the Ten really didn’t want to wander around in the desert any longer, and decided to face their fears. That week was also about choices, Godly choices and ungodly choices. God has dreams for everyone, that includes the Ten, and if they continue to follow Him, those dreams will be fulfilled. But making ungodly choices will not necessarily take those dreams away, but it will take longer, because every ungodly choice empowers the enemy, and breaks the relationship with God.

The Ten got involved in a fight that Friday on evangelism. Well, not really, but it happened right in front of the coffee table. There was a fight, but the coppers solved it very quickly. This fight, and some other events that night, had an impact on the Ten, but they continued reaching out every Friday.

Then there were two women from South-Africa, Yolanda and ‘the Five Star General’, who live together with a cat. So, that two weeks the Ten really learned a lot, about sin, and how they were free from sin. How Jesus made them righteous by dying on the cross. And that no matter how they feel, they are still righteous. The second week they were taught what is really important in life. The fear of God. And that doesn’t mean that they have to be afraid, ‘cause it actually means to have respect for God, liking what He likes, hating sin. And to gain acceptance, love, value, worth from God in the first place. The Ten made a choice no longer to live in the fear of man, by standing on a table, declaring what they were going to be free of. And there is at least one fear they got rid of, the fear of that table (and heights). Getting rid of the fear of man is a process, in which they have to make choices for the fear of God every day.

And just this week, the Ten had a big experience with the Holy Spirit. Andy Glover, the Glovenator, came to impart the Holy Spirit to them, and they received, were inebriated and began to speak in tongues (the language of God, FYI). And all the people around them were astonished, and said: ‘they are drunk.’ An intense experience, guided by the ‘hey’s and ‘ho’s of Andy. Finally, they were all anointed with oil and shot with the sniper rifle of Love.  [to the enemy, they figuratively sang this song], ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again (in the spirit), you never gonna keep me down [satan]’. One of the most emotional weeks so far.

So, right now, the Ten are preparing for their trip to Cardiff, where they will spend week learning about evangelism, and putting it into practice. And so, tomorrow they leave for a six hour road trip, which makes the North Americans very happy. Then they will meet other YWAM’ers, and spend the week sleeping on the floor, reaching out to people. They really look forward to that, especially after this week.

We want to end with this:

Gal 4:6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. – The Ten are all sons and daughters of God and God sent his Spirit, to live with them.

And all God’s people said: ‘Word’