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The end of an era

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This week we moved out of the GRACO. After using the GRACO as our office and meeting place for almost five years, we are now moving on. We’re moving because the people that have so kindly allowed us to use the GRACO for these years are now in the process of selling the land.

We started with an empty van

Which we soon filled!

And four (!! – Yes, we have had some incredible provision of what we’ve needed over the years!) van loads later, the GRACO was empty.

It was emotional. We have laughed and cried – so many people’s lives have been transformed in this place. We have many good memories! God has shown his goodness to us in so many ways during our years here.

And then we moved on.

We all had a go at carrying the drum set 😉

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people that helped!

It’s with thankfulness and expectation in our hearts that we move forward. It’s time for a new chapter to begin…

To the holy and faithful

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To the holy and faithful brothers in Christ anywhere in the world:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father.

As the Ten continue on their journey with God and each other, an amazing event was about to happen. Outreach. For this event, the Ten had to go to the end of the earth. This place far far away is called South-Africa. The Spirit of God was on them, because God had anointed them, to preach the Good News to the poor. To bind the broken-hearted, to set the captives free.

And so they (are we there yet?) arrived at Muizenberg, South Africa (SA for short), Land of The Beautiful and Beautiful. The pink sunset outlining the ragged tips of mountains, the sun, sand, surf and ocean indoctrinating into their every senses…was this Africa or a piece broken off Europe? But as time went by, and as the Ten got to spend time among the people of SA, they started to find out more and more that SA was truly a culture of its own. There is a thing about SA that everyone knows, T.I.A.. This is Africa (baby). What it means? It means that the African people have their own way of doing things. Usually slowly. Or in their own pace. And as punctual as the Ten had to be for three months, living in England, now they have to be F.A.T. (Fat for short). Flexible, available, and teachable. Because sometimes plans change. And when they change, they change at the last minute. (Ignore the undercurrent of frustration please.) We found this out pretty soon…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Ten arrived at YWAM Muizenberg, where they stay for three weeks (and now, as we are writing this, two weeks have already passed). YWAM Muizenberg is a large base, compared to YWAM Carlisle. It is home to several visiting DTSes, a SBS, SOPA, and several other, mostly random, people. Having dinner means standing in line for a while, never knowing if there will be a seat left. Privacy? A luxury. But you know they’re mc lovin’ it. They get to know people from all over the world, even people from Germany. This base even has an unused swimming pool. How awesome is that? The base is located a few hundred meters from the shark-infested ocean, an amazing coffee place, and a stunning, epic mountain.

A whale is a fish.

Now. On to the serious stuff. Ministry. The first days were kind of slow, settling on the base, getting to know the people, and finding out that the Ten actually had beds. Who said outreach was hard? Just kidding. Tuesday (the third day), the Ten jumped straight into train preaching, which was kind of new for everyone. As B-b-bettina van Brummelen, one of the Ten, said wisely: “Day one of the Real Deal”. The Ten were all freaked out, but they obeyed the Lord’s call. And the rewards were fulfilling. Prayers were going around, people were touched, God was working. And as they continued, talking to people around Cape Town station, God did more amazing things. Irene, an old African woman, was spotted walking around with crutches. Willem (also called Pinky, because of the pink shirts he wears) was on a mission that day, and (after hesitating and being encouraged by Sarah), asked to pray for her. And so he did. She thanked him and walked off. After a few wobbly steps, she turned back, grinning from ear to ear, crying out: “It feels better”. With that nice, lovely grandma voice. Africa, ready or not, here they come!

But they did more than trainpreaching. The Ten began visiting Capricorn, a Township a few kilometers away, rife with alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, joyous children and amazing open people. But, walking around, it did not feel that dangerous to the Ten. They spent their time talking to people, praying for them and playing with the children. Some amazing experiences for all of them, and it surely left a big impression on them. God poured his blessings on both those in Capricorn and the Ten.

And then there was Waterfront. Probably the most touristic place in Cape Town, with lots of expensive shops, all the touristic boat trips and helicopter rides. The Ten did a creative outreach there. They spent some time praying, listening to God, and making art to give to people whom God wanted to bless. And the transition from Capricorn to Waterfront was hard, but yet there were still hungry people (spiritually speaking), waiting for God to touch and change their lives.

Those were some of the main projects. The Ten spent an awful lot of time in Muizenberg and other ministries, doing treasure hunts and prayer walks on the beach, asking God for His heart for South Africa.

Meanwhile, the Ten have been on a spiritual rollercoaster. Feeling very excited the one time, feeling down or numb, the other time. They have been finding out that Outreach is actually spiritual warfare. But, perseverance is a part of the team, as they all kept going for it, even when plans did not go as planned (go figure), and even when the Enemy kept on attacking them. Tyler had some wise words about it: “the Enemy tries to make us silent, making us nervous or afraid when we are about to step out. Or saying we failed after we missed out on opportunities. But it is when we get out of this silent mode, and take a step in faith, that God will show up and do some crazy stuff”.


That’s probably about enough information to keep you guys going for a long time. The Ten will leave you with some thinking and praying points. Where is God’s heart for South Africa? What has God been doing here, and what does He want to do? And continue to pray for more breakthroughs in the spiritual dynamics in this place, more courage and strength, more energy and excitement, more opportunities. Basically, more from God. (MORE.) Pray as God leads you, my brethren.

Peace be with you. The brothers who are with the Ten send greetings. All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Muizenberg’s household. The grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

And we can see that God you’re moving

A mighty river through the nations

And young and old will turn to Jesus