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The Abrahamic Covenant

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Week 5 of the DTS

– written by Kylie Burd


Thoroughly drenched in the Holy Spirit, God continues to work in the hearts and minds of the Fall 2010 DTS. We have begun to see how all topics, though incredibly different, all link together. The same questions keep cropping up; sometimes we come to conclusions, sometimes (and more frequently) more questions arise, in which we hunt for more answers.


This week, Steve Sullivan spoke on the Abrahamic Covenant, or Abrahamic Contract. Everyone had a contract with their Gods those days, but Abraham’s covenant was special because of the small print:

‘ I will make you into a great nation

and I will bless you;

I will make your name great,

and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you, I will curse;

And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.’

– Genesis 12: 2-3


For some reason God chose Abraham to bear the contract in which the fine print states that he, his descendants, and whoever else gets the contract, will be a blessing to all nations, all ethnic groups. This contract can be found throughout the whole Bible, repeated over and over again. If a teacher keeps repeating something, that is a good indication that the students have to know it. It is important! The incredible repetition of this covenant in the Bible should awaken Christians, God wants them to see that He has called them to be a blessing to all peoples. We have been grafted in with the Jews, through that original contract. It really is that simple, yet a lot of Christians do not understand that. They hold on to the believe that church is for themselves, when it really is for others, those who are not in the church.


Amidst the great amount of revelations and the heavy teaching happening this week, a lot of laughter has been injected, to bring humor, socialization and relaxation to the team. In small group, we were challenged to bring this theory into practice, and we went out to randomly bless someone. We went out into the town centre, and some bought a coffee or a milkshake for someone, others handed out candy or a bouquet of flowers. It was much more difficult than it seemed. Last week was a turning point on this DTS, this week was the first step after that. The first step in a new direction. The direction God is calling us to. There is no stopping us now! We are warriors and princesses, following our Daddy’s heart, blessing others along the way.


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Worshipping at YWAM Connect
Last night we had an open night for anyone in the city to join us in connecting with God’s Heart and with other people. We had a great time together.

The band in worship

Some of the comments afterwards included: ‘I was able to connect with God in a fresh way tonight.’, ‘Refreshing!’, ‘It was great to meet with different people!’, ‘That was some anointed teaching!’ ‘Great cookies!’ ‘Amazing worship!’









Coffee...Our next CONNECT event will be on the 2nd Dec at CCF at 7.30pm. Speaker that time will be Mariette Louw. Bring your friends!

Christmas in October

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This week was ‘Faith, Finances and Lordship’ – week on the DTS and Richard Lowe was the speaker. On Tuesday we all went out to the beautiful Lake District and had lectures there instead. The weather wasn’t as clear as we’d hoped, but we had a great morning. We ended up having lectures in a little chapel by a lake and Richard spoke about what faith is and how it works, and he told his stories of God’s provision in his life and challenged the team on how we think about God and about money.

Then on Wednesday night we had ‘Generosity Night’ where Richard challenged the team to go away and pray about how they could bless one another. God is a generous God and he invites us to be like him. Wow!! What a night! It was like having Christmas in October. People were stepping out in faith and responding to God’s challenge to them to be generous – even if it didn’t make logical sense at the time. It was an awesome time of generosity, blessing and provision.


A nice summer's day

The Team in The Lakes


I wonder what next week will bring?

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On the bridge over Castle Way

I have been challenged, I have been stretched. I’ve experienced times of unexplainable peace; I’ve sat through times of irrepressible tears. My very concepts of God have been shaken, my world view changed. I have had a glimpse of my future; felt a touch of Gods heart for the nations. I have sat laughing with new friends, as the insuppressible joy of God has fallen on the room with a thud; I have sat and watched those same friends cry as Gods healing presence has landed like a delicate dove.

There have been times I have thought of nothing but home, times where I have looked at my suitcase and thought of packing; yet there have also been times where nothing short of God Himself, could tear me away from the peace that has come to surround me.

Through times of struggle, tough choices and moments of despair I have found a security in God, an understanding that regardless of where my life takes me, He shall be there guiding me.

A question I ask myself daily; “Could I have grown so much, in so little time sitting at home?” I am on week two of a twelve week course and already God has begun to refine me and thus redefine me. Where will I end up after this season ends?

I know the call of God is to lay down my life entire, to die and yet live to my own desire. What God will do with such an offering I have only just begun to see, yet home is a place I doubt I’ll be.

I wonder what next week will bring?

Jamie he Luke Zai Zuo Fan
– Luke Horobin

On DTS in Carlisle

YWAM Carlisle team

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The YWAM Carlisle team took a short break from other activities of Knowing God and Making Him Known in order to assemble in the Vicarage for a brief photoshoot. Here most of us are: YWAM Carlisle Fall 2010!

Let the nations see it and rejoice. Please keep praying for us!