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Visiting YWAM Carlisle for a week

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As I once again drove into Carlisle the familiar sights and sounds hit me; the smell of gingerbread from the Mcvities factory, the Old Castle and of course the Old Vicarage; home of YWAM Carlisle. I was warmly greeted by Elsa who was once a trainee with me and is now part of the staff team for the present discipleship training school. I also saw Dortje who was one of the leaders on my school and then Willem who I met in South Africa. We all caught up and I then met this year’s trainees. I happened to be here for the ‘Father Heart of God’ teaching week, which I thoroughly enjoyed on my DTS, so I decided to join in. Robert and Vicky taught about the true nature of God and how we are Gods children, sons and daughters highly valued. I was surprised in ministry time to still find hidden hurts buried deep within my heart; it was great to have this time of healing. I found the week provided an opportunity for openness before God and for a further understanding of his grace, love and forgiveness.

Elsa, Jo and Dortje

One of the highlights of the week for me was street ministry in Botchergate the club and pub centre of Carlisle. We were able to meet, stop and chat to many people out for a night on the town. We gave out free tea and coffee and made ourselves available for people to talk to and ask questions if they wanted. I was surprised at how many people couldn’t understand why we were giving out free hot drinks and therefore found it hard to accept. This reminded me of Jesus and his free offer of forgiveness and eternal life. Why do we assume that nothing is for free but we must earn it, pay for it? I spent some time explaining God’s gift to us and was pleased to receive such positive responses from people. There are many people out there searching, with a desire to know the truth, to be spiritually filled. I felt so privileged that people chose to open up to me and discuss what they thought, their fears and their want to have more faith; to really know God.


There was one girl in particular that stuck in my mind, her name was Charlie. She began to tell me how she once believed in God but since her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she found it hard to believe that there could be a God. I asked her if we could pray for her and her little boy and she obliged and so we stood there in prayer, asking for healing and God’s hand of protection. Later that night I saw her again, and she said that she had been telling people how she had met us and how she couldn’t believe we took the time to pray for her and her little boy. She explained how it meant so much to her that we, as complete strangers, would stop to care and pray for her. Surely, as Christians, this is what we are called to do.

– Joanna Kindred


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We welcome you to come along to our next ‘Connect’ meeting! We’re meeting on Thursday 2nd Dec at CCF.

This time we’ve got Mariette Louw coming to lead a workshop with us! Mariette Louw has worked with YWAM for 30+ years and is an international YWAM speaker from South Africa. Mariette has a heart for people to live like those they were created to be, for the word of God to be established in people’s hearts to bring transformation and life, and for people to become more active in their walk with God. So, on Thursday night, there will be an opportunity to get active and participate!

We’ll start with some worship at 7.30, but come early for teas and coffees! We would love to see you there!

Angels, Mortals and an Arsenal Jersey

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This week has been incredibly amazing. Here at YWAM Carlisle, we had an event called Mortals and Angels. It basically means that you are someone’s angel, and you are someone’s mortal. As an angel, you bless your mortal, as a mortal, you get blessed. So, you bless someone, and you get blessed by someone. A week full of giving and receiving presents, candy, encouragements, those kinds of things!


This week, our speaker Yolanda spoke to us about living as followers of Jesus. How He wants to live with us every day, and every moment. She told us about asking God questions, beyond what we need. Just listening to what God wants to tell us. She called it ‘cultivating’ walking with God.


On Wednesday, Luke and Matt, two trainees on the DTS, had a wrestling contest. I had filmed it all, and tried to edit the video. As my laptop acted slow and prehistoric, as it does, I got frustrated and shut my laptop down. Then, I thought of what Yolanda had been speaking about, and I sat down to ask God some questions and to listen to Him, curious as to what He was going to say. It was new to me, not talking to God, but being quiet after asking Him a question and waiting for Him to speak.


As I was listening, I felt that God was saying: ‘You don’t have to be frustrated, I want to give you so much more’. I thought, ‘wow, that’s nice, but what do you want to give me?’. I listened again, and God said: ‘I have an Arsenal jersey for you, why don’t you ask for it?’.Arsenal is my favorite team in the Premier League, so I would have very much appreciated an Arsenal jersey. So, I asked God for that Arsenal-jersey. Then, it felt like God was saying that I would get it the next day. Exciting!


The next day was the busiest day during this week. We had lectures in the morning, and in the afternoon we prepared for the Love Feast. It was so busy; I didn’t even have time to think about that jersey. So, after a few hours of hard working, I found a note, which told me to go on a treasure hunt. I had to find all the balloons, pop them, and see what happened. But, I didn’t have the time to do it! I had to change clothes, do the final things, no time.


We had a lovely dinner together, and in the end we revealed ourselves as Angels to our Mortals. I had been thinking about it, trying to figure out who was whose Angel. And, as a total surprise, Matt was my Angel. He told me there was another present, and he told me where it was. So I went looking for it. It turned out to be the Arsenal jersey! Unbelievable! I had not told anybody about my prayer time, my talk with God. No one knew, and still, it happened. Matt told me he had the feeling God told him to buy it. It was just amazing. God really proved himself to be a loving God. A Father, who wants a relationship with us. He wants to spend time with us, talking to us. And, He wants to bless us with loads of amazing things. Like an Arsenal jersey.


Willem Sonneveld is on staff with YWAM Carlisle.

Thanksgiving – Love Feast

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This week we celebrated Thanksgiving by putting on a Love Feast. As a team, we organized a night of being together, being thankful for what we have, and celebrating with each other. We turned the lounge into a dining room, decorated it, prepared a thanksgiving meal, and we all dressed up.

Dortje started the evening off by praying.

Then we had a lovely meal together.

When we had eaten our meal, we spent some time honouring one another, praying for one another, and thanking John Campbell for all he’s given in our Monday morning ‘base worship’ times over the years. John is stepping down from teaching after having faithfully taught at YWAM Carlisle since 2002, so we had a time of praying for John and Mary.

John & Mary

John & Mary

And then we had dessert!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

The Fatherheart of God

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This week we were again facing a new and challenging topic, the fatherheart of God.

It is so easy to think that yes, of course I know that God is my Father, He loves me and I am His daughter. But wait a moment, do I really? How does it show in my everyday life, or does it? During this week we really started to understand more and more about Father’s love for us, not only with our heads but also with our hearts. We also had a lot of ministry time when we were able to really feel Father’s love and His embrace. I must tell you that it’s pretty awesome! To feel the amazing and never-ending love that our Father, the creator of the whole universe, has for YOU!

During the days Father kept also revealing things that had before been making it harder for us to experience His love. We came to understand that Father wants to heal our wounds with His love and make us whole again. We also talked a lot about the motherly side of God, how God is nurturing, caring and comforting. That really touched my heart because through that God also revealed something about the calling He has for me.

I myself said, how gladly would I treat you like sons and give you a desirable land, the most beautiful inheritance of any nation. I thought you would call me Father and not turn away from following me.“ Jeremiah 3:19

Are you interested in doing a DTS?

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We asked a few of our current DTS trainees to tell us about their experience on DTS. Here’s what Luke, Jamie, Kylie, Matt and Elisa told us!

Fatherheart of God week

Fatherheart of God week

Describe the DTS with one word: Challenging! Enlightening! Provoking and FUN! Life changing!

What’s been some of your biggest revelations so far during the DTS?

‘God invites me to be a participator – not just an observer!’ said Matt. ‘And our choices have the power to change the world. That’s pretty big stuff…’

‘God has been revealing my calling to me’ said Elisa.

Luke said: ‘I didn’t realise how much of an orphan I was! Now I know that I’m a son! I’ve heard a lot of good stuff before, but here I’ve been able to receive a lot more truth. It’s an environment of openness where it’s ok to be vulnerable and receive from God. We seem to spend so much of our normal lives trying to seem good and well put together, but here I’ve realised that it’s ok to be open and real. And God has really met me in that place.’

And what about you Kylie?

‘I have worth and identity in the Father’

What would you tell somebody that’s thinking about doing the DTS?

‘Just do it!’ said Luke and Jamie straight away. Kylie thought about it longer and said: ‘This is one of the most comfortable places I’ve been – it’s a safe place where I can be myself.’

‘God provides and it’s so worth the money!’ said Elisa.

Matt and the rest of the guys soon brought up food: ‘The food is great here! YWAM Carlisle has a big food budget and it’s good!’

Jamie and Kylie mentioned YWAM Carlisle’s location: ‘The house is right next to the High Street and in the Cathedral grounds – it’s really nice to be so close to the centre of town.’

‘There is a strong openness to the Holy Spirit here and there’s lots of opportunity for prayer ministry.’ The guys were all in agreement here. ‘And we have weekly evangelism which is awesome. It’s great to step out and see God move.’

If you’re interested in doing the DTS – get in touch! The next DTS starts on 29th Jan and we still have spaces! E-mail us:


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We’re looking for someone who loves being around young people, who has a heart for missions, who would thrive in a dynamic, vision led environment. We’re looking for someone who longs to contribute to what God is doing in Carlisle.

….and we’re looking for someone with administrative gifts.


Maybe you’ve done a DTS and would love to get involved in YWAM again. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be involved in missions but circumstances prevented it, maybe you longed to ‘go’ but couldn’t. Maybe you’re wondering about it all but need to ‘taste and see’. Here’s the perfect opportunity.

If you have administrative skills and some consistent time available each week contact Emma Wagner:


We look forward to hearing from you!

Interview with Matt

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Last week the team went to Newcastle to join with 6 other DTS teams and a SOE team to do evangelism together. It was organized by the YWAM England FOREVER team, who are preparing for YWAM’s outreaches around the Olympic Games in 2012. As part of that, they organize evangelism weeks where DTS teams from all over England and Europe come together to listen to teaching and to do evangelism together. There were about 150 people gathered together in Newcastle.

What was it like for you Matt Lemley?

–          I enjoyed meeting so many other people very much! We saw God heal, save and do amazing things in people’s lives! We also encountered God in incredible ways in our own lives and got to build relationships with other people throughout the week. God really revealed his heart for Newcastle and England to us throughout the week. The people are just so hungry and open in Newcastle. This was apparent as we went into the city, throughout the week the testimonies just piled up. God is doing something in Newcastle and throughout Europe. He is sowing seeds of revival and pouring out His Spirit on all flesh and it is very exciting to be a part of that!

praying together

Tell us some about what the week looked like!

–          The week started with an orientation hunt around the city Sunday night. It was fun just to see the city and get to know a couple people. The first night we started the week off right and worshiped. We also were able to pray for healing for each other the first night and saw many healed. Meals were good during the week and it was fun to mingle with people from other bases. We did a lot of walking but it was good fun and exercise! We had worship and intercession a couple times throughout the rest of the week and also teaching.  We were privileged to hear great teaching from Yan Nichols who leads the YWAM England FOREVER team, Carl Tinnion who is the national director of YWAM England, and others as well. It was great to learn about evangelism and hear a lot of stories.  We were really challenged and encouraged to step out of our comfort zones.  Many of us did just that and were changed and empowered. The speakers were all great and have had great impact on my life.

What were some of the things that impacted you?

–          One thing we saw is that God really wants to unite the city of Newcastle and we really got to see that in a real way one day. Many of the pastors get together each week and pray with each other for the city. On Thursday about ten of them came to our meeting and we got to pray for them and they also prayed for us. It was awesome to see how the local churches are joining together to see God move regardless of denominational backgrounds or difference!  I was really blessed by seeing that. It was also amazing to see the unity among everyone involved in YWAM. We were able to pray for each other and bless each other throughout the week. I saw so much love among believers from so many different countries and backgrounds and that was just amazing to see! We were able to spend a lot of time with each other and I believe friendships were made that will last a lifetime. It is encouraging to see what God is doing and that He is raising up a people to share the good news. This week of gathering was powerful and exciting! God did great things in us and through us that will have an impact that last forever!


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Botchergate. The street with all the pubs and clubs. Not too much activity during the day, but the street wakes up after nine at night. Botchergate is the place to be if you want to go dancing in Carlisle. Lots of people go there to celebrate the weekend, and to find some relief after a long week of school, uni or work. So, on Friday nights from 10pm until 2am, the DTS team faces the rain and the cold to bless the community by serving free coffees, teas and hot chocolates.


We get all kinds of different reactions. From ‘is there any alcohol in it?’ to ‘why are you guys doing this?’ We get some negative reactions, and a lot of positive reactions. And in the time it takes to make that ‘cuppa’ we often get into interesting conversations. We get to listen to anything from forty-five minute theological tirades, to have conversations that lead to us praying for people who are really interested in God.


It is always a challenge to step out, but we know that God meets us there. And more and more, we realize that this is not about us, it is about blessing people, because we are blessed. And it’s about sharing God’s love with the people we meet. Because God loves each one of them so incredibly much. And I must say it is more fulfilling than a few pints, a kebab or chips and gravy on a Friday night!

~ Willem Sonneveld