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Brazil team go on outreach!

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Today the September DTS team go on outreach to Brazil! Join us in praying for them!

Pray for:

– many to get to know God through the team. Pray that they get many opportunities to share God’s love with the people in Brazil and for people’s hearts to be open to God. Pray for miracles and healings and for God to reveal himself to people through the team.

– God to reveal more of his heart for the world to the team and for them to grow in their knowledge of His love for themselves and for others.

– good journeys and safety in travel, etc. Pray that the team quickly gets accustomed to the time zone, food and weather of Brazil and that they are able to fall in love with the place and the people.

We’ll keep you posted as to how they get on!


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Last week we had our next Connect meeting! This time we had Mariette Louw, international YWAM speaker from South Africa, with us. It was a great time!

We started out with worshipping God together.

Mariette started with reading Revelation 12:11 “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives to much as to shrink from death”, and then went on to invite us all to join her in sharing our testimony of who God has shown himself to be in our lives with one another.  She took us through verses in the Psalms where it talks about how we’re to declare who God is to one another and to those that don’t know him yet. So we did! We declared and listened to one another’s testimonies about who God has shown himself to be to us. It was very encouraging and built faith!

Then we had tea and coffee together and enjoyed some lovely canapés which Colin Mattinson had made. Wonderful!

‘Wow! Amazing!’, ‘Carlisle really needs this to combat the apathy we have in the churches’, ‘I feel encouraged and challenged!’, ‘It’s great to see how missions is a daily life thing’ and ‘I was really encouraged and inspired by this evening – I’m so glad I came!’ were some of the comments afterwards!

Spirit, Soul & Body

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Wow. I never believed I could be so challenged and impacted in just one week, I wasn’t expecting what hit me! Last week Mariette Louw came and taught us on the topic of Body, Soul & Spirit. She taught us about the difference between our bodies, souls and spirits, which I found very interesting as I haven’t had much teaching on this topic before. Mariette talked about the importance of living connected with God and his Holy Spirit inside of us, rather than being distracted by our minds, wills or emotions.

Mariette also taught us how to pray in a totally different way – instead of asking God in our prayers, she encouraged us to start declaring who he is – praying with authority and learning to speak out our testimonies of who God is together. The difference it made was instantly obvious, I started connecting with the Holy Spirit as we were praying and really pressing in. I really started to understand that our words have the power of life or death, and what we speak, what we declare, is powerful.

Overall, it was a totally radical week.

– Jamie Allen


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God wants to find you, share his heart with you, and work with you to share his love with others.

Give God a chance to challenge, inspire, and transform you.  The DTS revolutionizes life in its entirety; from your thoughts about God and who he is, to missions, faith, Lordship, evangelism, calling and the Holy Spirit.  It’s a time to experience God and get into who He says that you are; a place to engage with Him. You will get the opportunity to step out and share His love with others!

The January DTS is focusing on South East Asia for our outreach because God loves Asia so much.  God is at work and you’re invited to join with him!

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