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Today the January DTS of 2011 begins. We’re expectant and excited to see what God will do during this DTS, and look forward to all that God has for this group of people.

Here’s a short testimony from ‘J’, who did the January DTS in Carlisle in 2010.

‘I have always felt God wanting me to do ‘mission work’ but the main thing stopping me was smoking. I had been smoking from the age of 14. At the start of the year I contacted YWAM Carlisle and they were willing to take me as I was; with the smoking and all the rest of the baggage I had gathered over the 24 years of my life. They took me and with help from the Holy Spirit I was completely changed. I quit smoking 1 1/2 months after being on the DTS and slowly, over the 5 1/2 months I was there, I was reshaped. And all that became my true beginning. The DTS gave me solid and true biblical teaching, I made friends of many, many different nationalities, I got to see people healed, talk to a bounty hunter, lead random but cool church meetings on mountains in Africa, see people lives completely change.

God can and wants to take you from wherever you are and turn you into someone ready for action. Now I’m in a country where Christians are persecuted. Forget about Sunday 10am-12pm church services. Learn what church really is all about. It won’t make you some high and holy perfect saint; but it will give you a solid foundation…’

If you would like to comment on this post, please use discretion in order to not cause ‘J’ any danger.

A prayer walk at night

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Last week we had a word that was very important. Flexibility.

After our day off on Monday, the week started. From Tuesday until Friday, we had a kid’s event every morning. We had different ages every day, so we had planned different activities. Tuesday, the bus was one and a half hour late, which left us with an hour left. Wednesday, the bus was late again. We had to be flexible again. Thursday, it was late again. But we were better prepared now so; over to plan B. Friday, late again. But again, we were well prepared; over to plan B. It was very interesting to see how the team grew, even over those four days. Where we lost a bit of the message those first days, the third and fourth time, the team was prepared for it, and the events were really good. The kids had lots of fun, and the message was being delivered really well. It was a great learning experience.

In the afternoons, we didn’t have to be as flexible. We were divided into groups, to do different things every day. Some went on house visits, some did practical work. Some played football, some did street evangelism. It was good to have our week planned out, more than before.

Things still change last minute though. On Saturday we were going to a wedding. It was a really special wedding, because it was a prison wedding. It would have been a great opportunity to see the prison and get to know the people there, because we might do ministry in the prison later. But on Friday night we received a phone call. We couldn’t come as there was not enough security to host us. Everyone was very disappointed at first, but again, flexibility. So, instead, we had another opportunity to organize and plan things we wanted to do.

And, we made the most of it. In the morning, we went to the park; an area uphill where a lot of kids play with their kites, where drug users hang out and where guys play football. We decided to do some worship there. It was a really good time! Then in the afternoon, we helped on the base with a football tournament. We got to play with a lot of young guys, and afterwards Jamie and Matt shared a testimony. A great learning experience as well, because those guys play some awesome football.

The highlight of the week happened Saturday night. The team had the idea of going on a prayer walk through the community. And so we went to visit different places. The favela at night is a lot different than during the day. The prayer walk was awesome! We heard ‘spiritists’ drumming their rhythms, we came across different houses we had visited before, went to some key places and we prayed. We prayed a lot. God put different things on our hearts and we all got to connect with His heart. It was an amazing time, where we really got to experience the spiritual atmosphere and were we prayed for what God had put on our hearts, the people we had met earlier, pictures and words God gave us. It was an awesome experience that we wouldn’t have had if we had gone to the prison. God can use anything, I guess!

Do you want to change the world?

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Lucy and Ben are preparing to lead the January DTS, which starts in 10 days. Here’s a short interview with them.

What are some of the things that God’s been saying about the January 2011 DTS?

‘Every time we meet to pray, I find it really hard not to get excited about what God’s going to do on the upcoming DTS. DTS is a totally eclectic experience of sheer blessing, both of giving and receiving, and this DTS is going to be amazing. I think a key word is ‘Experience’. It something we’re always asking God a lot for in the DTS, that we won’t just “know” truth in our heads, but EXPERIENCE it in every part of our lives.’

‘ This DTS is one where God wants to call people to a place of home in Him.  He wants to reveal his heart and share his dreams with you to give you a passion for the world and show how you can impact it with his heart.  He longs to release people into the fullness of who they are meant to be and to set hearts on fire with his all consuming love.’

January DTS staff team

January DTS staff team

Why are you going to Asia for the DTS outreach?

‘We went to Asia on outreach on my DTS, and it is an amazing place’, says Lucy, ‘God is revealing himself to the people there, and we are so excited to go and join in with what He’s doing!  We want to take all that God has revealed to us and the experiences we have had of who he is and bless Asia.  To see the people there come to know more of him just as we have!’

So, who is the DTS for?

‘The DTS is for people that want more than to just do a gap year. It’s for people that are prepared to go longer term, even if they haven’t got it all together. You might believe in God, but have serious doubts or questions around who He is. You might struggle with some of the things traditional Christians believe, and therefore you feel hesitant to go. But somewhere you know that God is calling you into something bigger which is worth exploring. If you’re prepared to go for it as you are, to put yourself out there and take a risk, then this DTS is for you! This DTS will take ordinary people like you, and give them the opportunity to become world changers. Don’t let the comfortable and predictable hold you back from moving forward with God!’

There are still spaces available and we are still taking applications. So if you’re interested please contact us!

Brazil, week 2

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This week the team faced physical challenges, which consisted of clearing a construction sight and scaling a mountain!

We began the week working with an organization called Compassion, to help clear and rebuild a house which had collapsed in the favela (slum). What once was a home was reduced to a pile of charred wood, rubble, and trash, with the local community using the site as a dump. The city government had promised the use of a large container; however, said container that should have been awaiting the team, was nowhere to be seen. Despite the relatively minor hindrance of the team not having anywhere to put the rubbish, we were able to clear a large portion of the foundations on which reconstruction will soon commence. The work was physically exhausting yet invigorating at the same time; sweat dripped, blisters arose, and backs ached. By the end we had managed to move the majority of the rubble yet, with more work to be done, we hope to return soon.

Our next adventure took us to a higher place; literally, metaphorically, and physically. The favela sits in the shadow of a picturesque mountain which overlooks the cityscape. We hiked to the top of the peak from where we prayed for the city and the local community. Tapping into the Father’s heart, each team member prayed into a specific aspect of His desires for the city. We came against curses and spoke out blessings over a people that desperately need it.

Having overcome both physical challenges we moved on to an unchartered sector of space; planning and organizing. After having spoken with a pastor of a local church, we were given the task of organizing an outreach program. With the team feeling more comfortable participating in an organized event, the challenge now was to create an event ourselves. Having been pushed out of our comfort zones we had to draw on the Lord for strength and creativity. With His help, we successfully put together two children’s programs; both of which were highly successful, with an excess of forty children each day.

Building on the encouragement of our prior success we are looking forward to the potential of the coming weekend where we once again have free reign. We are placing our trust on the Lord to once again bless us with inspiration and those to minister to with His presence.

~ Luke & Kylie

Note: Whilst the team is experiencing seasonal rain, they are not in the area of Brazil currently affected by landslides.

Testimony by Lucie-Anna

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Lucie-Anna was on the January DTS of 2010. Here she shares some of her experience of the DTS.

‘DTS was awesome. I learnt so much and grew loads in my relationship with God. I loved how we got to spend time learning about who God is. That God is a personal God, who wants to be my father, and who loves me just as I am. I understood for the first time that God is a God who loves me and not a God who wants to punish. I liked that the speakers understood when we are scared about new things and that we got to learn more about God in a loving way. The week where I changed the most was the week about the Holy Spirit, this was a subject I did not know a lot about and I was scared about all these new things. In the beginning of that week I didn’t feel good at all, I did not want this week. But God showed me that he is not scary and that he wants to be my father. So it turned into a really good week, with a lot of changes in my life! :)

To live with all these people from different nations was also a good experience. I learned a lot about different cultures, which I really liked. I made such good relationships and friends for life. During the lecture phase we had work duties. This is so much fun, and you get to know the people you live with better. I can remember that we were a bit shy in the first weeks, but doing work duties together was a nice way to get out of my comfort zone and get to know these people.
The best of all was the outreach. We went to South Africa. There we saw God move, people turn to Jesus, people who were sick got better, etc. In all these things I saw how amazing God is!

If I could I would do my DTS again – right now!!!!’

There are still spaces on the January DTS of 2011. Find out more!

Brazil, the first week

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On the 31st of December, 2010, we arrived safely in ‘the Lighthouse’, in Belo Horizonte. The Lighthouse is part of the Youth With a Mission base, in Portuguese: Jovens Com Uma Mission, ‘Jocum’ for short. It is a big house, built on a hill. It is situated in the middle of a Favela, a township built on a hill.

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