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More healings!

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Here’s another SOE testimony from Dixie:

‘We went on a treasure hunt last Monday. Matt and I went out together and Georgie and Axel went out together. A treasure hunt is where we listen to the Holy Spirit and get clues to his treasures/people. The catagories of clues are 1. Names 2. Appearance 3. Location 4. Prayer Needs 5. Unusual or Random.
After we listen and write down what we hear we go out to find God’s treasures.
We found four teenagers, one of whom was walking with a crutch. Since I had leg on my list we asked them if they would help us with our treasure hunt. They were very willing. We prayed for Ellie’s hip and she tested it out after and said it was better. Then she asked for prayer for her wrist which she was suppose to have surgery on soon. We did and she tested it and said it was better. Then we asked everyone if they had recurring headaches, which Matt had on his list, 3 of the 4 teenagers had this affliction. Matt prayed for them to be healed and encouraged them to call upon Jesus if the headaches came upon them. None of them were experiencing headaches at the time so they could not test it out. Ellie had a bone bump on her wrist that we had prayed for and I prayed that it would dissolve. We didn’t see it dissolve just then but I told them where the base was and encouraged them to come tell us when it did.

Later, as I was returning a movie to the library I ran into Jack, who we had prayed for for his recurring headaches to go away on our treasure hunt. He called out to me on the street yesterday and told me that the prayer worked and his headaches were gone. This was Matt’s first time getting a report of Jesus healing someone he prayed for! Praise God!
Then Jack introduced me to his friends that were with him: about 10 teenage girls. They peppered me with all kinds of questions and wanted me to pray for them. I prayed for one girl’s mother who had Parkinson’s disease and she was encouraged to hear that I had already prayed for someone with this disease and had seen them healed. Courtney asked me if I ever hear God speaking to me. I said every day. Courtney wanted prayer but didn’t know what to be prayed for so I suggested that I pray for her to have peace from Jesus and she said “Yes”, so I did. Then Courtney wanted Jesus to live in her heart as I briefly had shared the Good News of Jesus with all of them. So she prayed a prayer of salvation with tears pushing on the edges of her eyes. She also asked if I would pray for her to hear from God which I did. I invited these teens to come to the YWAM base and they set up a time to come the next day and ask me any questions they had. It is the next day and they did not show. But we are not discouraged. I know that I will see them in the town square again sometime. Please pray for these teens that are very spiritually hungry.

God is sooo Awesome!’

The South East Asia team – Cambodia

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Most of the SE Asia team before leaving Carlisle

Most of the SE Asia team before leaving Carlisle

The first part of the DTS outreach in South East Asia took place in Cambodia. Here’s a testimony by Aubrey:

‘God did a lot of things while we were in Cambodia, but my favourite experience was working at the drug rehab centre.  Our second week we went to the centre on Thursday and Friday morning to work with young men ages 17 to 30 who were recovering from severe drug addictions.  Our contact was pastor Noel and he gave us the schedule of what the days would be like beforehand so that we could prepare.  Thursday was interesting because the schedule we were given for the program did not end up being followed, so we only did about two things out of the five or six we had prepared.  However, despite the miscommunication it was a very rewarding time with the drug rehab patients.  I taught English with the help of Ben and Eva, which went fairly well considering I had no idea how advanced the students were.  It turned out they were more advanced than I thought, but it worked out ok and they responded very well.

The team spent some time sharing Jesus at a drug rehab in Cambodia

The team spent some time sharing Jesus at a drug rehab in Cambodia

It was really encouraging for me to see that the work being done there was really having an impact on the people.  I wasn’t sure at first if what we were doing was really meaning anything to them, but as we were driving home on Friday we all agreed that these men’s lives were impacted by God.  When we first arrived I was a bit intimidated by the high cement walls, armed guards, and barred windows throughout the complex.  I wasn’t sure what to expect; I didn’t know if the men we would be working with were responsive, respectful, or even totally present mentally.  However, as soon as we entered the “classroom”, all of my fears disappeared.  I can’t explain it exactly, but I felt completely safe there and somehow I knew that they were responding to us and the pastor who works with them on a regular basis.  They had a level of joy and peace that one would not expect in a place like that.  It was a real joy to work with them, and I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t do any more work there, but I’m grateful for what we were able to do.’

Pray for our DTS outreach team in South East Asia!

We believe in miracles

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The first SOE in England for 18 years has started here at YWAM Carlisle! Here’s a testimony by Dixie, one of the trainees, of what God is already doing through the team:

‘We have been on some assignments for spreading the love of Jesus. Axel and I went out to find people to pray for healing. After asking quite a few people in the streets of Carlisle, we found a Christian older lady that wanted us to pray for her brother for healing that was not with her. So we did and then we asked if we could pray for her as she was walking with a cane. Joyce said that she had had a stroke and that her balance was very much affected and that is why she used the cane. After Axel prayed for her we had her check it out and she walked without the cane and declared that she was healed! We rejoiced and she walked away from us without her cane determined to call her brother to see if he had been healed as well. This was the first time Axel had prayed for healing for someone and they were instantly healed.

As we were headed back to the YWAM base the carosel was playing the song “I believe in miracles”. Now don’t go any further with that song because those were the only words we heard and started laughing about the goodness of God and the rest of the song is sort of dodgy.

Isn’t Jesus Awesome!!!’