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Treasure hunting in Portland

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A few weeks ago the SOE spent a week in Portland, in the south of England. We went and joined the DTS evangelism gathering that was there to learn about, and do some, evangelism. They chose the area f Portland as some of the Olympics are being held there, so a team will be going back there next August and in a way we were preparing the way for them. We did a lot of different things there… We did healing on the streets and also lots of treasure hunts.

For the treasure hunts we basically asked God before we went out who he wanted us to meet and asked him to give us clues and words about the people… so we put things under 5 categories which are:

Prayer needs

We prayed and just wrote down what ever came to mind however random it may have been.

So on the last evening me and another girl went out with our lists and we spotted a group of 3 people sitting out the front of a bar on the seafront, which I had on my list for location. We also had for appearance blond hair, sunglasses (which was random as it was the evening, but she was wearing them!!), pink top and white trainers and they all fitted with the clues. I also had strawberries and chocolate under my random category and i did wonder whether my mind was just on food, but as we walked up to them there was a picture on a window next to them which had chocolate and strawberries in which was so fun!! So we went over to them and explained that we had prayed before we came out and we felt like God has led us to them. We showed them the lists so they could see all the clues that matched up and they were quite overwhelmed. I also asked them if any of the names meant anything to them and one of them was Connor which was their 12 year old son who was back in the USA so they were completely blown away with that too! We started chatting to them and it turned out they had just been to the funeral of their mother and grandmother so they were just in Portland for a few days. We explained to them that they were Gods treasures and that he loves them a lot and knew what they were going through. We asked if we could pray with them and they said we could so that was an amazing privilege too. They seemed so touched, and i think it really meant a lot to them that God has sent us on this really significant day for them.

There are many more stories from the week. We experienced others being touched by the love of God and his healing power. Other members of the team met a man who was partially deaf and they prayed for him and he was healed and he was able to hear perfectly without his hearing aid. God did some awesome things!

~ Georgie