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City Centre Evangelism & the Botchergate Project

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On Saturday 15th October YWAM Carlisle hosted it first city centre outreach that was open to the local church to join in. It saw a good turn out with 7 people from churches in the area coming along, including some from as far away as Tebay. It was a great time which saw good conversations one of which resulted in a healing of a lady’s ankle & also with her accepting Jesus into her life. Join us next time: 19th Nov at 1.30pm at the Old Vicarage!


Since the 30th September we have also restarted our Botchergate ministry. Every Friday night we start off in Hebron cafe from 9:15pm with Worship & Intercession before going out onto Botchergate from 10pm-2am to hand out Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate. Every week we get to have good conversations with people, connecting with where they are at in life. As we connect with people on more than one occasion with a few people becoming “regulars”.


Just last Friday Andy who was with us for the 2nd time got in a good conversation with Terry & Ron  & has since realised they have a mutual friend which gives an opportunity to meet up on a more regular basis.


It is great to see people from the local church wanting to get involved & join in, with someone new joining each week so far. If you would like to get join us please get in touch & we’d be happy to have you join in.

Interview with Axel

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Meet Axel from Sweden, one of our trainees on the School of Evangelism currently on outreach in Newcastle.

What has the SOE been like?

It’s been very challenging. It’s made me depend more on God in different situations and has challenged me to do evangelism. I have also got to know some good friends on the school! I would like to see so many more people doing the SOE, I can definitely recommend it. God has given me a heart for the people in England and Europe and I would so love to see more people released to do missions in Europe. I wish more people would see the potential they have, and to know that the Great Commission is for them. It’s here and now: it’s real!

What have you seen God do during outreach?

It’s been great! We’ve seen God do lots of awesome things. We prayed for a homeless guy a few days ago; he’d been in a fight the night before and his face was bruised. We prayed with him and he said the pain went almost completely! He looked surprised and was very grateful.

We spend time hanging out with some kids outside. On Monday night there was a boy who had hurt his knee and wrist. We prayed with him and asked if he knew what a miracle was. He said no, so we explained that a miracle is when God does something we can’t do, and that Jesus wants to heal people. We prayed for him and he said the pain went away. He was shocked!

What’s been most challenging on outreach?

Well, we love Byker and the people here, and would love to see so much happen here. So it’s been a challenge to remember that Byker isn’t my responsibility, it’s God’s. I can only do my bit, and then I have to trust in God for the rest.

What’s been most rewarding?

It’s been rewarding to work with the kids in the community and encourage them. And seeing the neighbours become increasingly friendly, having conversations with people and listening to their stories, and sharing with them.

How can we pray for you guys?

Pray for more people to encounter God’s power and his love through healings, etc. And for favour in the community. We would also appreciate prayers for our finances.


If you’re interested in the School of Evangelism, check out our website for more details: or contact Craig:

The next SOE starts in April 2012


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Here’s a testimony from Laura, one of our DTS trainees.

During our City Center Outreach René and I walked across City Center. We felt God had spoken to us, told us to go to The Lanes, and we had some clues about who we were looking for; but I don’t think either of us felt like God was really going to do something through us that afternoon.  About a minute later we came to a woman I felt God was leading us to.  As René and I began a conversation with this woman I felt like we were falling flat on our faces.  Almost as soon as I thought that, however, the woman spoke.  She was shocked that God had sent us to talk to her; she kept saying “To me, I can’t believe you came to talk to me.”  She told us how she had a ton of problems in her life right now and it was clear that this was the perfect time for God to step in.  As we conversed, this woman opened up about a lot of her hurts and the wrong things she had done.  She began the conversation seeming fairly closed to God and by the time we parted she asked us to promise to pray for her.  René and I were both blown away!  This dear woman has so many wounds in her heart and though she didn’t accept Christ on the spot, we know God met with her in a very personal and life-changing way; she left us seeming much more open to God and more understanding of His special love for her.  It was fabulous!  Both René and I were ready for the two other women God wanted to meet that windy day in City Center!

Staff profile: Ben

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We thought you might be interested in learning more about each of us on the YWAM Carlisle team, so we’ll do a profile of a staff member once in a while, starting with Ben.

I’m Ben Rowley, from the west of Canada. I did my DTS at YWAM Carlisle in 2007 and have been on staff here more or less ever since, mostly staffing and leading DTS. Including my own DTS, I’ve been involved with 7 DTSs here in YWAM Carlisle. I love what God does on DTS, how much growth we all go through, and the amazing places we get to go spiritually and geographically. It definitely is worth getting out of bed for every day! Right now I’m leading the Basic Leadership School that’s running alongside the DTS, and I’m loving it. The people I get to work with everyday are really quality, and God is doing some pretty slick things.

When I became a part of YWAM I didn’t really have a whole lot of plans or vision. I did have some faint dreams and some ideas, but the biggest thing I came with was a desire to know God and know what His plan for my life was. And God really met me where I was at in that. Over the last few years He’s given me a lot. I’ve discovered what His heart is for me, learned more about who I am, gotten a vision and a plan, and more than anything felt his heart for the world, especially Asia.

My vision is to see Jesus be King in Asia, to see a radical shift from selfish values to His Kingdom values, and to see the people there truly come to love God and each other the way Christ loves us and for that to impact every aspect of society. I believe God wants to show Asians that He is definitely King and Master, but He is also Father. And I believe God wants to see Christ-like, unselfish, empowering leadership in every level and sphere of society.

I really can’t explain how excited I am to be a part of this. For the last few years I’ve been receiving some really quality training here in England in preparation for heading to Asia. I’ve had loads of fantastic opportunities to serve Him and it’s been a lot of work but a lot of fun. In the next year I’ll be heading out to Asia. Honestly, I feel a bit nervous; it’s a big change. But I know God has given me the equipping I need to be effective, so I’m not worried.

Pray for me.

If you’re interested in frequent updates from Ben, or if you would like to support him financially, please e-mail: