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The team is growing!

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We want to introduce our new staff members: Linn Irén Flebu and Lisanne Kaal have recently joined our team! They are both very excited to be a part of our team – and we’re very thankful to have them here and look forward to seeing what God will do through them!  Go to our staff profile page and read more about it!

Linn Irén Flebu is here to work with youth and drama. She aims to set youth on fire for God, their friends and Theatre, and will be setting up drama training for youth and taking an outreach team with a drama focus to Newcastle during the Olympics. Please contact us if you’re interested in coming with!

Lisanne has a big heart for people and for the nations. She wants to be there for others and help them to reach for the best. As such, she is currently working in the office with Emma and will also be taking the Basic Leadership School starting in September.

Please pray for Linn Irén and Lisanne as they settle in.


Goodbye Berlin!

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We are finding ourselves at the end of our time in Berlin. It has been an adventure, a different culture and the wonders that God does every day. Each experience here has been unique and full of opportunities to watch God work. God has been doing some wonderful things in and through our team.

This past week we have had the opportunity to work with the local church as they reach out to the kids through kids programs. In the dance workshop we watched kids come from a rougher neighbourhood. In this dance class we saw that the kids find friendship and mentorship with the teachers, find identity in their dancing and share a goal of figuring out life together. Some of the teachers used to be kids who came to this class; this project is definitely showing his results! We also went back to the YMCA to spend some time with a young adult group. Lots of our team members had some great conversations with the people there. We were able to encourage each other. That was really great!

Last week I lost my passport. Thankfully, we were able to solve that issue with very little trouble. We went down to the consulate, where they issued me an emergency passport. God has been there in the good and the hard times. Even though I was worried and stressed about what would happen, God reached out His hand and walked with me.

As we leave, I am sad because I know I will miss this place. Yet I am so excited to see what God does next! Keep us in your prayers,


Evangelism in Berlin

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Doing some evangelism, Laura and I went to a coffee shop. We ordered a drink and asked God what He wanted us to do. I began to write while Laura drew a picture. At the table next to ours there were three people sitting and talking and slowly we realized that they were speaking English, although we are pretty certain that they were speaking German to each other earlier!  As they were about to leave, Laura and I started a conversation with them because I felt that God wanted me to give my note to the girl in the group, while Laura felt that her picture was for one of the guys. The girl seemed happy for the note and put it in her purse and the guy asked for the meaning of Laura’s picture. We also got to tell them about how we were on a DTS and sharing God’s love to the people of Berlin. It was so encouraging to dare to step out and at the same time using our God-given creativity to impact people’s lives!


Staff profile: Craig

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Craig is 30 years old and was born in Carlisle. He is in a relationship with Linn Iren, also a part of our staff team.

Can you tell us more about your life before YWAM and now?

I became a Christian when I was eighteen and joined YWAM eight years later. In those eight years I didn’t have much of an understanding of who I was, who God was and how much he cared about me.

How did you hear about YWAM?

Through a friend who did a DTS in 2007.

Why did you decide to join YWAM?

When I looked into YWAM it sounded like a really good idea. It offered me the opportunity to learn more about God, about myself and what to do with my life.

What’s your role in YWAM Carlisle?

I’m setting up and will lead the SOE in April, having pioneered the first SOE in YWAM England for 18 years last year. I’m also working to set up different local outreaches in Carlisle which hope to involve the local churches and I’m part of the YWAM Carlisle leadership team.

What are you passionate about/what’s your vision?

I’m passionate about people getting the understanding of God’s love. I long for people to get to know God and then for them to share His love with others. I have a big heart for Carlisle but not just Carlisle; I want to see people all over England and Europe get to know Him! I want to see lots of people be passionate for God and see people reach out to those around them through God’s love.

What schools have you done in YWAM?

I did a Discipleship Training School and a School Of Evangelism. Then I staffed an SOE in Norway and I lead the SOE mentioned earlier.

Tell us about the School of Evangelism!

The SOE is focused on training people to do lots of evangelism in different and strategic ways really well. It also gives the trainees an opportunity to grow in their own walk with God and in leadership. The SOE equips the trainees to go on to start or join an evangelism team or to plant a church somewhere in Europe. How do we best convey the Good News to people in Europe in the 21st century? How do we create a church that is relevant to people today without diluting what it’s all about? How do we best meet with people and leave them with a more positive view of God than they had before? These, among many others, are things we discuss and equip the trainees in.

Can you tell us more about what you’ve seen God do through your life?

Well, I love it when God uses me to touch somebody else’s life and I regularly see Him do all kinds of cool things. For instance: I was out doing evangelism in a shopping centre in Norway when I met a girl I knew who was limping. She told me she’d hurt her ankle, so I asked if I could pray for her and put my hand on her foot. She agreed, so I prayed and as I prayed for healing I could feel God do something in her foot. When I’d finished praying I asked her to test it out and she could now put all her weight on her foot and declared she was healed!

If you are interested in doing the SOE, there’s lots more information here: Alternatively contact Craig:

If you’re interested in frequent updates from Craig or if you would like to support him financially, please e-mail:

Expectations, testimony from Berlin!

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I’ve wanted to be a missionary for so long that I suppose I romanticized it. I expected it to be easy and inspiring. The truth is that not every part of life is only great. There will be the nights where you feel lonely and you have lots of questions.  That sort of thing happens in life, so why wouldn’t it happen in missions too?  I guess I just didn’t think it would.

But even though sometimes things are hard, keep dreaming! It’s worth it to see small German children smile and squeal with glee as you play with them and beautiful teenage girls laugh and feel loved and appreciated for a while.  It’s worth it to get to encourage and pray with young people who long for more of Jesus and to pray for Germany along the remnants of the Berlin wall.  Some people will respond as they don’t care, others will open up their hearts for you. This afternoon I was able to let God speak through my talents, was incredible.  It reminded me why I do this, why I love missions and why it is so much fun! It’s because of the time I get with God, the time I get with so many other people and cultures, and especially the time I get showing people that they are not alone—that there is a God who loves them and desires them intensely!  Those times are so special.  And when I think about it, they happen a lot more frequently than I thought.  I think God’s given them to me every day.  I suppose the hard stuff really isn’t so big in comparison after all.


Hallo From Berlin!

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Hallo from Berlin!

The team arrived on Friday December 30th coming back from Christmas break. It was great to see everyone again! Berlin welcomed us with a chilly, crisp air. We are staying at the YWAM Berlin base, which to my great delight has a big, beautiful dance studio complete with mirrors & wooden floors.

Some of the things we did during our first week in Berlin include:

– – Tobias Otto (a member of staff in Germany) led us on a prayer/sight-seeing tour of Berlin. It is a city full of historical buildings, but also lots of art and modern monuments.

– – We did a prayer walk around the city. Laura, a girl from our team talked to one of the German ladies. She prayed about God’s love in that area and the German lady told her that she and some others had prayed for people to know God’s love in that area before and that people were really open to God.

– – On the S-Bahn, a railway within the city, we sang some worship songs. This led to good conversations with people. They were truly interested. Then we were asked politely by security to leave because it wasn’t something they want to encourage.

– – We also did some painting which was a chance to work with a local YMCA (Very different than YMCA in other countries) It was a Christian environment with a focus of being a safe place for kids & youth. We were able to paint some walls for them which involved some creativity & design. Those who are creative on the team seized this chance & ended up with a beautiful finished product.

Please Continue praying for us as a team for a strong, united team and that there will be lots of opportunities to share our testimonies and build some friendships.