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A farewell to Göttingen

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Our time in Göttingen was inspiring; it was amazing to see how we were able to reach out to the church and the people around us. One man told us that we had deeply impacted his life. We spent a lot of time with him and he came to almost all the events we hosted. A few days before we left Göttingen, he came up to us and he shared something about struggles he had. We prayed for him and it was a privilege to encourage him and to share God’s word! He felt loved and he enjoyed being a part of the things we were doing. The view he had of God changed from an angry, punishing God to a loving Father.

There were many people we got to know. We were able to inspire them and build friendships. We got to see more of God and we make Him known through that. God is doing incredible things in people’s hearts; in our team as well in the people we meet.

How wonderful is it to be a part of that?!