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“This has gone on long enough…”

Everyone in the room nodded in mute agreement.

“We must remain silent no longer…”

Another nod, everyone glancing around the room at each other…

John 13:22

We (the staff) here at YWAM Carlisle are
immensely excited, even bursting with anticipation: The January 2010 DTS has begun! It began in January, actually. And we were quite excited then, as we looked forward to the arrival of 10 DTSers from Australia, South Korea, Singapore, The USofA, Holland and even from such far flung places as West London.

And arrive they did. And DTS got rolling with an intensive intro week. And our excitement and anticipation, though it was very large to begin with, deepened, grew, and exploded as we met this truly unique group of people from all different types of backgrounds with a whole collage of different stories and personalities coming from a mosaic of different cultures to be together here in the beautiful (if at times cold) North of England.

It’s always amazing to meet in person people you’ve been praying for but have never met.

So we came together in that week and launched fully into DTS Lecture Phase, looking first at the Nature and Character of God. Straightaway we could see God’s hand at work in all of us, and there’s nothing quite so energising! Everyone has had the sense that God is up to big things here, and that He has big plans here.

Since that week we’ve had lectures on Relationships, The Abrahamic Covenant, and this week, The Bible. So far we’ve had lecturers from South Africa, New Zealand and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Questions were stirred, asked, some answered, and more questions were raised. All the while in this time we’ve been arrested with the new understandings, revelations and reminders of who God is, who we are, how Great God is… and what that means for us and mankind!

He is Well Great…

And so we find ourselves here, at the end of the fourth week of Lecture excited, inspired and in great anticipation… Excited again, yes… Inspired, yes… and in anticipation… yes… Before we were quite excited because of all of what we sensed God wanting to do, and this has again grown because of what we’ve seen Him do already in all of us in a short time… Inspired because of what we’ve experienced already as well, and in Anticipation… because He has big plans.

A verse we’ve heard many times on this DTS:

Jeremiah 29:11

He is well Great!!!

Excited is such a small word…

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