The Great Border City

Carlisle is one of the  smallest cities in England, perched in the Northwest of England, just 6 miles from the Scottish border. It is a city with around 70,000 wonderful people living here. Carlisle and it’s surrounding area has a long and colourful history. There has been a settlement here for over  2000 years with The Celts, the Romans (it has it’s own 2000 year old Roman wall) and King Edward all calling it home at different times. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here, and William Wallace, Rob Roy, Robert the Bruce and Henry VIII all visited or invaded at some time in our history.

Carlisle sits in the ‘debatable lands’ on the border of England and Scotland. It’s called this as it passed back and forwards between England and Scotland so many times and being so hard to rule by either crown, it was a very questionable place to live.
Today, Carlisle is the most northerly city in England, just 6 miles from the Scottish Border. It’s been voted ‘the Happiest place to live’ in England, surrounded by the stunningly beautiful Lake District. We have a 2000 year old wall, 900 year old castle and an 800 year old cathedral, the Citadel  (commissioned by Henry VIII), a 15th century Guildhall in the town centre and the old city walls.

Carlisle is accessible by:

  • Car – Via the M6, junctions 42, 43, 44
  • Coach – from any city
  • Train – from any major city

(London in under 4 hours, Glasgow in under 2 hours, Manchester in under 2½ hours, Newcastle in about an hour)

Stranraer is only 100 miles away for people travelling from Ireland by ferry.

The closest airports to Carlisle are Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester. Getting to and from these airports is quick and simple. London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports are also easily accessible from Carlisle, though not as quickly (4-5 hours by train, more by coach).