YWAM Carlisle is:

Richard and Miriam Lowe

Me and Miriam met in YWAM in 1991, and married soon after in 1993; we have two boys – Jake and Ben.

I’m Richard.

I was born in Carlisle and having worked with YWAM for over 20 years I have had the privilege of seeing young people impact lives both in this city and across the world.

Two things I love investing my time in now:

Firstly, developing leaders in order to see them be “Twice as good in half the time.” My passion is to see them realize their fullest potential and released into the calling that God has for them as they lead and pioneer works themselves.

Mostly though, I’m thrilled with the challenge of starting new initiatives that get people who love Jesus out amongst people who don’t yet know him.  This year it’s been about Blokes, Bikes and Beer – it’s about organising ride outs, meals and being out within the biker community at events such as the TT, race meets and bikers rallies. It’s about healing tents and meeting people at large arts festivals in France. Anything that gets us out there demonstrating who God is to people, how He feels about each one of them and shows them that they are known by Him.

I most love being with my family, 1 wife, 2 boys. Then second to that I enjoy being with friends, watching anything to do with speed and petrol and sitting and gazing at any type of fire –indoors or out.

Hi I’m Miriam from New Zealand

Doing my DTS 21 years ago I realised that there is the most amazing King who has the most amazing Kingdom – one full of all that is good and right, just and loving and that’s what He cares about -seeing His way come and invade ours and having every single wonderful person on planet earth hear about it.

What compels me is His heart for each one – that we would know the passionate love of Him as our Father, set into freedom by Jesus and living with all the life of the Holy Spirit and to go and do what Jesus did and more. So I get up in the mornings knowing that whatever I do today I want to be a part of creating possibilities to see this happen in the lives of those around me and out into all the world. I love that I can be a part of this family business where God invites us all to work in partnership alongside Him to see that each person gets to see meet Him for themselves.

I love the three great men in my life, 2 sons, 1 husband. I get a kick out of New Zealand winning at Rugby, knitting woolie things, eating with good friends and discovering hidden, expansive walks in the Lakes.


Lucy Belton

Hi, I’m Lucy from Carlisle and I love this city! I love travelling and cultures (which comes in handy working with DTS!), sharing life with people, pretty much anything with an engine and having adventures!

My DTS in 2007 was one of my best experiences to date; it completely wrecked my view of who I thought God was and where I thought I might be heading with my life! It opened my eyes to a totally different world to the one I had spent 22 years growing up in. It was awesome getting to know the God I’d heard so much about, and it happened in a personal way I had only ever thought was for those really “spiritual” people! Guess I was wrong!

My passion is to see people empowered so that they can fight for this dying, hurting world… that’s one thing I truly love about being in this YWAM community. I get to be part of seeing people radically changed and called out by God. They get to grasp who God says that they are, all the amazing plans he has for them, they get empowered by him to take on a world that is desperate to know Him!

‘Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.’ – Prov 31: 8-9

Empowering a generation to fight for this world

Craig Flebu – Swainson

Hi I’m Craig. I was born and brought up in Carlisle and became a Christian in 2000, at the age of 18. I did my DTS in September 2008 at YWAM Carlisle. During that time God really changed my life. He really showed me a complete new level of his love for me and gave me a greater understanding of my own value.

During my DTS I found out that God’s calling for my life was for me to be an Evangelist and I discovered that he was calling me to live for him in Carlisle.

Since my DTS I have done a School of Evangelism and staffed another SOE in preparation for co-leading the SOE here in Carlisle, starting in May 2011.

My biggest passion is to see people with a passion for God and for people, stirred up by His love, inspired and equipped to do what He is calling them to do.

1 John 4:19

Linn Irén Flebu – Swainson

Hi, I’m Linn and I have a passion for Theatre. Not the kind of Theatre that are boring, but the kind that makes you alive, the kind that makes you think and change your life, the epic kind.

I like to listen to people. Listen to the truth behind the words, the tears behind the smile, find the gold in every person I meet. One of the things that facinates me most about God is that He likes that too. He likes to listen to me, and He sees me and values who I am. The creator of the Universe likes to spend time with me. That’s mindblowing.

Oh, that’s true, I’m from Norway, but I’ve lived in Carlisle for the last year. I like jogging and cross country skiing whenever I get a chance. I also enjoy coffee and chocolate.

I did a Discipleshiptrainingschool (DTS) back in 1999 (the last millenium) in Hawaii (don’t remember so much of it though, so many things has happened in the meantime;), and have worked with evangelism teams and the School of Evangelism (SOE) in Norway for 7 years. I never planned to stay long term in missions, but I’m still here.

Now I’m working with a girl called Eva from the States, mainly with youth and childrens work, and we get to make dramas for events, dramas for school outreaches and dramas for oversea outreaches. Not the boring kind, but the kind that make people alive, change their lives and make them see more of who God is.

Life is truly epic when you are living it with God.