Angels, Mortals and an Arsenal Jersey

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This week has been incredibly amazing. Here at YWAM Carlisle, we had an event called Mortals and Angels. It basically means that you are someone’s angel, and you are someone’s mortal. As an angel, you bless your mortal, as a mortal, you get blessed. So, you bless someone, and you get blessed by someone. A week full of giving and receiving presents, candy, encouragements, those kinds of things!


This week, our speaker Yolanda spoke to us about living as followers of Jesus. How He wants to live with us every day, and every moment. She told us about asking God questions, beyond what we need. Just listening to what God wants to tell us. She called it ‘cultivating’ walking with God.


On Wednesday, Luke and Matt, two trainees on the DTS, had a wrestling contest. I had filmed it all, and tried to edit the video. As my laptop acted slow and prehistoric, as it does, I got frustrated and shut my laptop down. Then, I thought of what Yolanda had been speaking about, and I sat down to ask God some questions and to listen to Him, curious as to what He was going to say. It was new to me, not talking to God, but being quiet after asking Him a question and waiting for Him to speak.


As I was listening, I felt that God was saying: ‘You don’t have to be frustrated, I want to give you so much more’. I thought, ‘wow, that’s nice, but what do you want to give me?’. I listened again, and God said: ‘I have an Arsenal jersey for you, why don’t you ask for it?’.Arsenal is my favorite team in the Premier League, so I would have very much appreciated an Arsenal jersey. So, I asked God for that Arsenal-jersey. Then, it felt like God was saying that I would get it the next day. Exciting!


The next day was the busiest day during this week. We had lectures in the morning, and in the afternoon we prepared for the Love Feast. It was so busy; I didn’t even have time to think about that jersey. So, after a few hours of hard working, I found a note, which told me to go on a treasure hunt. I had to find all the balloons, pop them, and see what happened. But, I didn’t have the time to do it! I had to change clothes, do the final things, no time.


We had a lovely dinner together, and in the end we revealed ourselves as Angels to our Mortals. I had been thinking about it, trying to figure out who was whose Angel. And, as a total surprise, Matt was my Angel. He told me there was another present, and he told me where it was. So I went looking for it. It turned out to be the Arsenal jersey! Unbelievable! I had not told anybody about my prayer time, my talk with God. No one knew, and still, it happened. Matt told me he had the feeling God told him to buy it. It was just amazing. God really proved himself to be a loving God. A Father, who wants a relationship with us. He wants to spend time with us, talking to us. And, He wants to bless us with loads of amazing things. Like an Arsenal jersey.


Willem Sonneveld is on staff with YWAM Carlisle.

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