Another amazing week in Brazil

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Again this week we had a lot of freedom to plan our own activities. From Tuesday to Friday we were able to plan what to do and how. On Tuesday we spent the morning randomly blessing people. First we asked God how He wanted to bless people today. We bought for example candy, biscuits and fruit and blessed people with them. We also ended up talking to many people; it was a really good start for the day. In the afternoon it was time to do some practical work. We went to tidy up a park in the favela and we also did some worship there. It was hard work because the sun was shining so brightly but it was also really rewarding. In the end we got to pray for a little girl and it was amazing how the whole atmosphere of the park had changed during the hours we spent there.

On Wednesday we had a youth event. We had football for boys and dancing for girls. It is quite rare to have a youth event here in the base so we decided to have a shot at it. The boys were again keen on playing football but there were only a few girls. But in the end it all worked for the best. We got to spend more time to get to know the girls and really make relationships with them.  On Thursday we had again something completely different, it was a day of prophecies. We used the morning to really hear God’s voice and get His heart for the day. It was amazing how God spoke to all of us. Then we went to the community to pray for people and ask God for words for them. Once more it was awesome to see God give us words from Him that really touched people’s hearts. We really have a wonderful God who meets us on the way! On Friday it was time to spend the evening in the community talking with people and praying for them.

Matt and friends

Matt and friends

This weekend we got to work with a church and on Saturday we had some young people from the church come to our base. We played games together, had some fun playing floor ball and it was really nice to get to know them. In the evening we had a youth service in that church. We talked about listening to God and hearing His voice. It was so encouraging to hear testimonies afterwards how God really spoke to them during the evening. It was brilliant how God planned also this day to work for the best! And I believe that He has some great plans also for next week when we move to another house for a week to do some different kind of ministry. Excitiiing!!!

~ Elisa Mäkilä

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