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We asked a few of our current DTS trainees to tell us about their experience on DTS. Here’s what Luke, Jamie, Kylie, Matt and Elisa told us!

Fatherheart of God week

Fatherheart of God week

Describe the DTS with one word: Challenging! Enlightening! Provoking and FUN! Life changing!

What’s been some of your biggest revelations so far during the DTS?

‘God invites me to be a participator – not just an observer!’ said Matt. ‘And our choices have the power to change the world. That’s pretty big stuff…’

‘God has been revealing my calling to me’ said Elisa.

Luke said: ‘I didn’t realise how much of an orphan I was! Now I know that I’m a son! I’ve heard a lot of good stuff before, but here I’ve been able to receive a lot more truth. It’s an environment of openness where it’s ok to be vulnerable and receive from God. We seem to spend so much of our normal lives trying to seem good and well put together, but here I’ve realised that it’s ok to be open and real. And God has really met me in that place.’

And what about you Kylie?

‘I have worth and identity in the Father’

What would you tell somebody that’s thinking about doing the DTS?

‘Just do it!’ said Luke and Jamie straight away. Kylie thought about it longer and said: ‘This is one of the most comfortable places I’ve been – it’s a safe place where I can be myself.’

‘God provides and it’s so worth the money!’ said Elisa.

Matt and the rest of the guys soon brought up food: ‘The food is great here! YWAM Carlisle has a big food budget and it’s good!’

Jamie and Kylie mentioned YWAM Carlisle’s location: ‘The house is right next to the High Street and in the Cathedral grounds – it’s really nice to be so close to the centre of town.’

‘There is a strong openness to the Holy Spirit here and there’s lots of opportunity for prayer ministry.’ The guys were all in agreement here. ‘And we have weekly evangelism which is awesome. It’s great to step out and see God move.’

If you’re interested in doing the DTS – get in touch! The next DTS starts on 29th Jan and we still have spaces! E-mail us:

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