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Back in November I felt God say to take an Intercession team to Asia; a team that took time to focus on God, that sought him out and was led by the Holy Spirit.  I wanted us to take hold of what God was saying about this place and see the spiritual impact the physical.  That was and still is the vision: we want to see these places invaded by Gods glory and to see the situations and people change in the light of that!

We’re a small team that are currently preparing to go for one month, and I can’t wait to see all that God is doing out there already and be a part of bringing more of his Kingdom to people.  It will be an adventure and we’re feeling enormously privileged to be part of God’s plan for Asia at this time!

We would appreciate your prayers for the logistics to go smoothly, and for many to be impacted by God’s love through us during the time we’re away.

– Lucy

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