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Olympics drama outreach

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“Inspire a generation”

This is what the Olympic posters say. And we’d like to inspire this generation for God!

For the Olympics we took a youth drama team to Newcastle and performed drama’s in parks around the city and in front of churches. We saw many people touched by God and we pray this will be an ongoing process in their lives! It was such a blessing to be a part of this outreach!

“It was amazing to see drama impact the young people from the deprived areas in Newcastle and to share life with the people on the street” – Linn Iren

“It was such an eye-opener to realise that there are people with such a huge amount of practical needs, so close to us, and I loved seeing how God used even the small things that we did to open up opportunities to show His love. It was an impacting few days!” – Elsa

“I loved seeing people from different nations and backgrounds just being together, united by God. How God can use something simple like a drama to really speak to people and touch their lives, it still amazes me!” – Lisanne

Botchergate testimony

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A few weeks ago, when we were out on our Friday night Botchergate Project outreach, we got into conversation with a guy. One of the local church members was talking to him first, and I joined in later. During the conversation the guy was asking us to prove without a doubt that God exists. If we could prove that God existed he would happily be a Christian and he even said he would be there next week to hand out coffee with us. He told us that he grew up going to Sunday school, but something happened in his life and he drifted away from church and God. He didn’t see the support around that he would’ve hoped for and he didn’t see God during this situation. For the rest of the conversation we tried to show where God was present during different parts of his life, but he wasn’t convinced. We offered to pray for him and he accepted. He gathered the team around him but first he wanted to say some words himself. He asked God to prove His existence of Him. The group then also prayed for him. After a few more minutes the conversation ended and he went on his way. The next day, he sent me a text. He thanked us for taking the time to listen and said ‘you all showed a lot of patience, tolerance and respect towards me’.

Please continue to pray for Botchergate and the people we meet to encounter God. God is definitely at work and we feel blessed to be a part of it.

– Craig

Testimony creation prayer

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I went to Norway for a week. I stayed at the YWAM Skien base. One of the evenings there was an opening night for the theatre festival happening in the next town. Three others and I decided to go. It was fun and we were really looking forward to the firework show at midnight. However, at 10pm we’ve seen it all and we really didn’t know what to do in the following two hours.

We walked around for a bit and we saw a few people sitting on some benches. Lucy and I started talking to them and we decided to join them. It was fun and we talked about what they were doing, how school went etc. They were around 16 years old.

After an hour or so, the conversation took another turn. We were talking about God and they showed interest. Lucy asked if they would be interested in ‘creation prayer’. Creation prayer is that you pray for other people by listening to God and ask Him a question about this person. Anything God likes to say. This can be something about the person or something that happened. They were really open so Lucy and I started praying. Almost immediately I got an image in my head about the girl. She was standing next to a tree but people were passing beside her. She was trying to get their attention but they couldn’t hear her. This really spoke to her, apparently her grandpa just passed away. Lucy had another picture in her head that was another part of the story.

The two girls were really touched by this. Lucy explained how creation prayer works and she explained how the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity. Explanation after praying for people is really important, especially if they are non-Christians. One of the girls asked if she could try it and she prayed for Lucy. She had a weird feeling in her hand and she got a picture in her head as well, and this really spoke to Lucy as more people got this image while praying for her. They were amazed and asked a lot of questions.

It was a really great night, today I was talking to one of the girls again and I really believe God is working in her!

God works in and though us sometimes when you don’t expect it. What a great God is He!

– Lisanne

Miriam: The LDC experience

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I’ve just returned from 6 weeks in southernSpainbeing a part of the Leadership Development Course in Malagawhich is an experiential, transformational leadership course run by YWAM.

It was 6 weeks of teaching input, discussion in class and mentoring groups, modelling, practical application and prayer into relational leadership with a team of 40 people from 14 nations. We experienced and learned about leading from a place of freedom and wholeness, Integrity in leadership, skills in conflict resolution and the unity, diversity and conflict in teams. We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of leading from our particular personality and gifting, God’s plan for Blessing, our discipleship and development throughout our lives, team (not individual) leadership, mentoring, coaching, self leadership and so many other topics .Then a lot of praying, worshipping, ministry and fun with one another.

One of the overriding threads from the whole time there was the reminder of how God is always intentional with us. I’m not talking about a predestined all worked out unchangeable plan. But more the truth that I’m known by Him, He is and has always been involved with me, He has plans that He wants me to join Him in and therefore He is totally intentional about how He leads, guides, refreshes, heals, teaches and prepares.

I’ve been in YWAM 21 years and after many years of giving out, pioneering and home schooling I had found myself in a place of transition needing refreshing and input and the space to begin to ask “What next Lord?” In this physically beautiful and inspiring place, with rich teaching, input and ministry, that working progress has begun. God has given me the next steps and the renewed strength to begin taking them with fresh understanding about His heart and intention for team, leadership and how to love Him and others to see lives transformed and people reached.

– Miriam

Staff profile: Lucy

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I’m Lucy Belton, born and raised in England. I did my DTS at YWAM Carlisle in 2007 and have been on staff ever since, mostly staffing and leading DTS.

I want really see people connect with the heart of God; first for themselves and then for the nations. I want to see people equipped to stand and fight for the assurance of Gods goodness. This is a journey that has been and continues to unfold before me.  The more I see and experience Gods heart of goodness and blessing for me, the more my heart expands for others, for individuals all the way up to the nations.

For me this looks like mentoring and discipleship, there is nothing I find more fulfilling than seeing someone take up the call God has for them, stepping out of the previous failures and over the expectations to reach for what God has for them.

I am currently learning what Intercession looks like. How do we really pray and hear God’s heartbeat? And what is he asking of me? It’s ultimately about moving into a place of total availability and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

My passion is to see people empowered so that they can fight for this dying, hurting world… that’s one thing I truly love about being in this YWAM community. I get to be part of seeing people radically changed and called out by God. They get to grasp who God says that they are, all the amazing plans he has for them, they get empowered by him to take on a world that is desperate to know Him!

If you’re interested in frequent updates from Lucy, or if you would like to support her financially, please e-mail:

The new 9-month YWAM Carlisle DTS

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In September 2012 we will be running our first 9-month DTS at YWAM Carlisle. Nine months of getting to know God and making Him known! Nine months of getting a real taste of what life in missions could look like!

Become part of our team for this 9-month DTS, to discover who God really is, what His plan is for the world and how you can fit into it. Take your relationship with God to new levels. Let God blow your mind with who He is. Encounter Him in the reality of everyday life. Learn to hear His voice and to act.

And then go. Be the change that you want to see in this world.

God has designed and equipped us all uniquely, enabling us to write history with Him. So we invite you to join us for nine months, to take on new challenges and to experience the different flavours of opportunities within YWAM. Come and discover your dreams, passions and strengths within the context of God’s ultimate plan for the nations!

Testimony Linn

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I went out in the city on Monday to pray, and sat down on a bench in the park. Two minutes later a 14 year old girl came and sat next to me, and started to talk to me. We ended up having a 45 minutes conversation on the bench about life, God and relationships. I got to listen to her a lot, but also tell her that God wants to be her friend. Through my stories she realised that Christians have different values than others concerning relationships, and I think she left with a better understanding of God and Christians in general. Hopefully God will continue to send people into her life that will bring her closer to Him.

– Linn Iren

Willem’s staff experience

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It’s hard to put one and a half year in such a small space. I joined the staff in September 2010, only a few weeks after my Discipleship Training School (DTS) had finished. I did not really know what to expect, even though I had just finished my DTS. DTS was the most amazing experience in my life, and it did literally change my life. I wanted to learn more, and I also wanted others to experience what I had experienced.
But, looking back, I can say it was better than I could have imagined. It has been awesome to invest time and effort in others, and see them experience God. As staff, the biggest challenge is to stay connected to God, throughout the whole DTS, and to always know what He wants to do. And, then, seeing God at work in others, changing them with his love, is the most rewarding thing! To see the difference between those young people coming in the door for the first time, and seeing them leave six months later, the growth and transformation is amazing.

And, the cool thing is, through being on staff and investing in others, God has given me so much more back. He has continued to work in my life, and He has shown me even more of who He is. Of course there are tough times, with big challenges and difficult situations, but through it all God is so incredibly faithful. Knowing that, and experiencing his goodness, makes it so worth it. I would not have wanted to miss out on it and I would recommend it to anyone!


The Bridge in Penrith

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The last week of Easter Linn Iren got to help out at the youth café, called the Bridge, which the Methodist church are running in Penrith.
“The Bridge is a hang out place for youth from 11 till 18 in a café with music, computers, board games and a pool table. It was a fun week full of baking, candy shopping and pool trials. We really connected with the youth; they were open, friendly, really engaging and we had some pretty deep conversations. The best thing is that from now on I’ll get to spend time with them every Friday! I’ll be helping in the café with starting up an after school/pre-youth group café. The Bridge aim to provide a place for everyone to keep moving on your journey of life and faith; deepening relationships with others, deepening understanding and experience of God and deepening involvement in God’s mission and the life of the church. I’m really looking forward to spend more time with the youth and to continue building relationships!”

Healing testimony by Craig

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Since the Olympics were awarded to London, YWAM England have been hosting a DTS Gathering in each of the Olympic locations (Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Weymouth & Portland, London & Coventry (Glasgow will host a DTS gathering in the Autumn)). DTS schools from all over England & other parts of Europe gather together for an intense week of teaching and evangelism together. We work alongside different churches to give them an experience of doing outreaches working with young people in preparation for the Olympics. This Spring we had the privilege to be in Coventry, a city in the West Midlands in England. We’d like to share a healing testimony by Craig, member of our staff team.

“During an outreach time in Coventry, we had the opportunity to pray for people for anything they wanted us to pray for. I went with a girl who was part of the team that was hosting the gathering and as we were waiting, a man walked into the church with a crutch. The girl explained to the man why we were there and we offered to pray for him. He explained that he had had a stroke seven years ago and that he would like some prayer for the right side of his body, especially for his arm. We asked him if it was okay to lay our hands on his arm and he didn’t have a problem with that. We prayed and invited the Holy Spirit to come. After a couple times of prayer the man said he felt there was something pulling on a nerve in his arm and after the 3rd or 4th time of prayer I asked if he could test his arm. He started raising his arm level with the floor to test how far he could lift it. I could see that it was still quite a bit of an effort so I asked how far he had been able to move his arm before. He replied that he hadn’t been able to move his arm previously at all! He was amazed and we explained it was not us that did the healing; it was praying and inviting the Holy Spirit. Because he was interested, we gave him contact information for a church and after a bit more conversation we said our goodbyes. We prayed more for the strengthening of his arm after he left throughout the day.

It’s been a privilege to be a part of this week again and to see the how God works in and through the people around us!