Botchergate testimony

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A few weeks ago, when we were out on our Friday night Botchergate Project outreach, we got into conversation with a guy. One of the local church members was talking to him first, and I joined in later. During the conversation the guy was asking us to prove without a doubt that God exists. If we could prove that God existed he would happily be a Christian and he even said he would be there next week to hand out coffee with us. He told us that he grew up going to Sunday school, but something happened in his life and he drifted away from church and God. He didn’t see the support around that he would’ve hoped for and he didn’t see God during this situation. For the rest of the conversation we tried to show where God was present during different parts of his life, but he wasn’t convinced. We offered to pray for him and he accepted. He gathered the team around him but first he wanted to say some words himself. He asked God to prove His existence of Him. The group then also prayed for him. After a few more minutes the conversation ended and he went on his way. The next day, he sent me a text. He thanked us for taking the time to listen and said ‘you all showed a lot of patience, tolerance and respect towards me’.

Please continue to pray for Botchergate and the people we meet to encounter God. God is definitely at work and we feel blessed to be a part of it.

– Craig

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