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Botchergate. The street with all the pubs and clubs. Not too much activity during the day, but the street wakes up after nine at night. Botchergate is the place to be if you want to go dancing in Carlisle. Lots of people go there to celebrate the weekend, and to find some relief after a long week of school, uni or work. So, on Friday nights from 10pm until 2am, the DTS team faces the rain and the cold to bless the community by serving free coffees, teas and hot chocolates.


We get all kinds of different reactions. From ‘is there any alcohol in it?’ to ‘why are you guys doing this?’ We get some negative reactions, and a lot of positive reactions. And in the time it takes to make that ‘cuppa’ we often get into interesting conversations. We get to listen to anything from forty-five minute theological tirades, to have conversations that lead to us praying for people who are really interested in God.


It is always a challenge to step out, but we know that God meets us there. And more and more, we realize that this is not about us, it is about blessing people, because we are blessed. And it’s about sharing God’s love with the people we meet. Because God loves each one of them so incredibly much. And I must say it is more fulfilling than a few pints, a kebab or chips and gravy on a Friday night!

~ Willem Sonneveld

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