Brazil, week 2

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This week the team faced physical challenges, which consisted of clearing a construction sight and scaling a mountain!

We began the week working with an organization called Compassion, to help clear and rebuild a house which had collapsed in the favela (slum). What once was a home was reduced to a pile of charred wood, rubble, and trash, with the local community using the site as a dump. The city government had promised the use of a large container; however, said container that should have been awaiting the team, was nowhere to be seen. Despite the relatively minor hindrance of the team not having anywhere to put the rubbish, we were able to clear a large portion of the foundations on which reconstruction will soon commence. The work was physically exhausting yet invigorating at the same time; sweat dripped, blisters arose, and backs ached. By the end we had managed to move the majority of the rubble yet, with more work to be done, we hope to return soon.

Our next adventure took us to a higher place; literally, metaphorically, and physically. The favela sits in the shadow of a picturesque mountain which overlooks the cityscape. We hiked to the top of the peak from where we prayed for the city and the local community. Tapping into the Father’s heart, each team member prayed into a specific aspect of His desires for the city. We came against curses and spoke out blessings over a people that desperately need it.

Having overcome both physical challenges we moved on to an unchartered sector of space; planning and organizing. After having spoken with a pastor of a local church, we were given the task of organizing an outreach program. With the team feeling more comfortable participating in an organized event, the challenge now was to create an event ourselves. Having been pushed out of our comfort zones we had to draw on the Lord for strength and creativity. With His help, we successfully put together two children’s programs; both of which were highly successful, with an excess of forty children each day.

Building on the encouragement of our prior success we are looking forward to the potential of the coming weekend where we once again have free reign. We are placing our trust on the Lord to once again bless us with inspiration and those to minister to with His presence.

~ Luke & Kylie

Note: Whilst the team is experiencing seasonal rain, they are not in the area of Brazil currently affected by landslides.

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