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Today the January DTS of 2011 begins. We’re expectant and excited to see what God will do during this DTS, and look forward to all that God has for this group of people.

Here’s a short testimony from ‘J’, who did the January DTS in Carlisle in 2010.

‘I have always felt God wanting me to do ‘mission work’ but the main thing stopping me was smoking. I had been smoking from the age of 14. At the start of the year I contacted YWAM Carlisle and they were willing to take me as I was; with the smoking and all the rest of the baggage I had gathered over the 24 years of my life. They took me and with help from the Holy Spirit I was completely changed. I quit smoking 1 1/2 months after being on the DTS and slowly, over the 5 1/2 months I was there, I was reshaped. And all that became my true beginning. The DTS gave me solid and true biblical teaching, I made friends of many, many different nationalities, I got to see people healed, talk to a bounty hunter, lead random but cool church meetings on mountains in Africa, see people lives completely change.

God can and wants to take you from wherever you are and turn you into someone ready for action. Now I’m in a country where Christians are persecuted. Forget about Sunday 10am-12pm church services. Learn what church really is all about. It won’t make you some high and holy perfect saint; but it will give you a solid foundation…’

If you would like to comment on this post, please use discretion in order to not cause ‘J’ any danger.

Cardiff… Wales…

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Last week the DTS went to Cardiff for an exciting week of Evangelism. Tyler, one of the DTS trainees, shares some of his personal experiences/thoughts from that week:

Leaving Carlisle Sunday morning we ventured six hours to the south-western portion of England entering Wales. We spent the entire last week in Cardiff with three other DTS programs from England and a school of evangelism, which is also run through YWAM. 80 of us inhabited a local church and there was a strong feeling of community even though none of us new each other that well. I believe it’s this sense of community rooted in love for God that He so desires for our lives. Community that is established in relationship with Him is so unique and that experience alone would have made the week but God had so much more in store.

A man named Yan Nicholls spoke throughout the week but he made it clear that our time was going to be focused on sharing what we say we believe. The intentions of the week were to take what we say we believe and do it. I have stated with my lips that I want to love God, surrender my soul to Him and to allow His will to be done in my life. But rarely in my past have I given Him that opportunity. So the challenge I faced was to take the time in our schedule for ministry and hit the streets. Street Evangelism…. Prior to this week I had a lot of doubts about this practice. My biggest struggle with street evangelism was not establishing my identity in Christ and holding on to this fear of man. Having both of those present have an impacting effect on me, these traits silence me. When I asked myself why I don’t share my beliefs in God with others, I would always come to the conclusion that I was afraid of how people would perceive me. There were two things that struck my heart in the early stages of the week that motivated me. The first was a result of a video blog by an atheist. He made the statement,”If you truly believe in a heaven and a hell how much do you have to hate someone in order not to tell them.” Another factor that pushed me was the living experience that I have had with God’s love and how it has changed me. I began to desire to share my experience with others and be a voice for Christ’s love.

Even with this new found revelation there was still one barrier that held me back. It was an internal struggle with establishing the effectiveness of street evangelism. I would discount this form of loving others because of the brief interaction, thinking it would not make much a difference in a persons life. As I look back, there is so much wrong with that thought process. If I perceive street evangelism with the objective to convert people to Christianity then I have it entirely wrong. Street evangelism is the active statement of surrendering our own comforts to God. It is a demonstration of our desire to be servants for Christ. Our motivation is not to earn God’s love but to respond to His love. It should be a natural reaction to give others the opportunity to be blessed as we have been blessed by Christ’s love.

With this in mind, I always remind myself, God being God, He has no need for us but He gives us the privilege of serving Him and make Him known. Our purpose here on earth is to just receive the divine love of our Heavenly Father and to be givers of this divine love. This is what I believe street evangelism is all about, stepping outside our own comfort zones to love others. I was blessed last week to see God take small amounts of courage possessed by my team-mates and strengthen their faith through blessing the interactions they had with strangers. The growth I have witnessed in myself and my team-mates continues to nurture the excitement in how God will use us in South Africa.”

A DTS Blog Post

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“This has gone on long enough…”

Everyone in the room nodded in mute agreement.

“We must remain silent no longer…”

Another nod, everyone glancing around the room at each other…

John 13:22

We (the staff) here at YWAM Carlisle are
immensely excited, even bursting with anticipation: The January 2010 DTS has begun! It began in January, actually. And we were quite excited then, as we looked forward to the arrival of 10 DTSers from Australia, South Korea, Singapore, The USofA, Holland and even from such far flung places as West London.

And arrive they did. And DTS got rolling with an intensive intro week. And our excitement and anticipation, though it was very large to begin with, deepened, grew, and exploded as we met this truly unique group of people from all different types of backgrounds with a whole collage of different stories and personalities coming from a mosaic of different cultures to be together here in the beautiful (if at times cold) North of England.

It’s always amazing to meet in person people you’ve been praying for but have never met.

So we came together in that week and launched fully into DTS Lecture Phase, looking first at the Nature and Character of God. Straightaway we could see God’s hand at work in all of us, and there’s nothing quite so energising! Everyone has had the sense that God is up to big things here, and that He has big plans here.

Since that week we’ve had lectures on Relationships, The Abrahamic Covenant, and this week, The Bible. So far we’ve had lecturers from South Africa, New Zealand and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Questions were stirred, asked, some answered, and more questions were raised. All the while in this time we’ve been arrested with the new understandings, revelations and reminders of who God is, who we are, how Great God is… and what that means for us and mankind!

He is Well Great…

And so we find ourselves here, at the end of the fourth week of Lecture excited, inspired and in great anticipation… Excited again, yes… Inspired, yes… and in anticipation… yes… Before we were quite excited because of all of what we sensed God wanting to do, and this has again grown because of what we’ve seen Him do already in all of us in a short time… Inspired because of what we’ve experienced already as well, and in Anticipation… because He has big plans.

A verse we’ve heard many times on this DTS:

Jeremiah 29:11

He is well Great!!!

Excited is such a small word…

Moving Forward

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2009 has been a year of change for YWAM Carlisle. After a decade leading the work, the centre pioneers, Richard and Miriam Lowe, handed the leadership over to Emma Wagner. It’s been a time of looking back and being reminded of what God has spoken to us as a centre, and looking forward to the future.

One of the words that has come back to us is from 2004, when God spoke to us about how He wanted to give us a house in the city centre. In September we were able to sign a rental agreement for a massive vicarage that is located two minutes off the high street! We will need to do a lot of work to it, but we are excited about seeing all this come into being and it becoming our main longer-term accommodation and hub.

The current DTS

Currently, our 2009 October Discipleship Training School (DTS) with ten trainees is preparing for outreach in South Africa, and will be heading out in the first week of January. God did a real “wake-up” job on this course: Dan, one of the DTS trainees from England, says:

“This DTS has been amazing; God has completely changed my life forever. I’ve never felt this close to God before. He’s demolished the lies I’ve believed. I feel free now.”

And Nathan from France says:

“This DTS has completely changed my view of who God is. I used to think He was authoritarian and strict, but I now have experienced that He is a loving Father. And I’m learning that the Holy Spirit wants my friendship so now I spend time with Him all the time: in the shower, when I cook, when I eat … I feel close to God. And I’m learning to deal with conflict with other people that are different from me. Community life has changed me a lot.”

We’re now praying for this DTS team as they prepare to go on outreach and we’re expecting God to do good things in them and through them. They will be ministering along the Garden Route along the south-eastern coast of South Africa.

Looking ahead

As we look forward to 2010 there’s a lot of excitement in our hearts. YWAM Carlisle is celebrating ten years this year! (If you would like to be part of some of the celebrations please get in touch.)

In 2010 we are running our first January DTS ever! The team will go on outreach to South Africa after an action-packed lecture phase in Carlisle. We look forward to telling you the testimonies of what God will do through this DTS team.

We have also felt the Lord speak to us about running a School Of Evangelism (SOE) and are planning for one to start in May 2011. This will be the first SOE in England for a number of years. We believe God wants to use it to equip people to start new evangelism teams both here in Carlisle and all over England and Europe.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom and God’s clear guidance in the building project;
  • God’s blessing on all aspects of the development of the vicarage — the provision of skilled people, funding, building consent, materials, etc (let us know if you’d like to help out!);
  • The October DTS on outreach in South Africa. Pray for God’s power and for His Father heart to shine through the team as they seek to minister to the people there. Also, please pray for protection over the team;
  • Our October and January Basic Leadership School teams. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to be on them as they develop in leadership and seek to lead the DTS outreaches;
  • The January DTS. Pray for God to break into the lives of the trainees and for them to step into the things God has called them to do;
  • The new evangelism projects we want to start in the city;
  • The plans for the May 2011 SOE. Pray for plans to go smoothly and for the right trainees and staff to be part of this course.