Christmas in October

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This week was ‘Faith, Finances and Lordship’ – week on the DTS and Richard Lowe was the speaker. On Tuesday we all went out to the beautiful Lake District and had lectures there instead. The weather wasn’t as clear as we’d hoped, but we had a great morning. We ended up having lectures in a little chapel by a lake and Richard spoke about what faith is and how it works, and he told his stories of God’s provision in his life and challenged the team on how we think about God and about money.

Then on Wednesday night we had ‘Generosity Night’ where Richard challenged the team to go away and pray about how they could bless one another. God is a generous God and he invites us to be like him. Wow!! What a night! It was like having Christmas in October. People were stepping out in faith and responding to God’s challenge to them to be generous – even if it didn’t make logical sense at the time. It was an awesome time of generosity, blessing and provision.


A nice summer's day

The Team in The Lakes


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