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I went to Norway for a week. I stayed at the YWAM Skien base. One of the evenings there was an opening night for the theatre festival happening in the next town. Three others and I decided to go. It was fun and we were really looking forward to the firework show at midnight. However, at 10pm we’ve seen it all and we really didn’t know what to do in the following two hours.

We walked around for a bit and we saw a few people sitting on some benches. Lucy and I started talking to them and we decided to join them. It was fun and we talked about what they were doing, how school went etc. They were around 16 years old.

After an hour or so, the conversation took another turn. We were talking about God and they showed interest. Lucy asked if they would be interested in ‘creation prayer’. Creation prayer is that you pray for other people by listening to God and ask Him a question about this person. Anything God likes to say. This can be something about the person or something that happened. They were really open so Lucy and I started praying. Almost immediately I got an image in my head about the girl. She was standing next to a tree but people were passing beside her. She was trying to get their attention but they couldn’t hear her. This really spoke to her, apparently her grandpa just passed away. Lucy had another picture in her head that was another part of the story.

The two girls were really touched by this. Lucy explained how creation prayer works and she explained how the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity. Explanation after praying for people is really important, especially if they are non-Christians. One of the girls asked if she could try it and she prayed for Lucy. She had a weird feeling in her hand and she got a picture in her head as well, and this really spoke to Lucy as more people got this image while praying for her. They were amazed and asked a lot of questions.

It was a really great night, today I was talking to one of the girls again and I really believe God is working in her!

God works in and though us sometimes when you don’t expect it. What a great God is He!

– Lisanne

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