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Lucy and Ben are preparing to lead the January DTS, which starts in 10 days. Here’s a short interview with them.

What are some of the things that God’s been saying about the January 2011 DTS?

‘Every time we meet to pray, I find it really hard not to get excited about what God’s going to do on the upcoming DTS. DTS is a totally eclectic experience of sheer blessing, both of giving and receiving, and this DTS is going to be amazing. I think a key word is ‘Experience’. It something we’re always asking God a lot for in the DTS, that we won’t just “know” truth in our heads, but EXPERIENCE it in every part of our lives.’

‘ This DTS is one where God wants to call people to a place of home in Him.  He wants to reveal his heart and share his dreams with you to give you a passion for the world and show how you can impact it with his heart.  He longs to release people into the fullness of who they are meant to be and to set hearts on fire with his all consuming love.’

January DTS staff team

January DTS staff team

Why are you going to Asia for the DTS outreach?

‘We went to Asia on outreach on my DTS, and it is an amazing place’, says Lucy, ‘God is revealing himself to the people there, and we are so excited to go and join in with what He’s doing!  We want to take all that God has revealed to us and the experiences we have had of who he is and bless Asia.  To see the people there come to know more of him just as we have!’

So, who is the DTS for?

‘The DTS is for people that want more than to just do a gap year. It’s for people that are prepared to go longer term, even if they haven’t got it all together. You might believe in God, but have serious doubts or questions around who He is. You might struggle with some of the things traditional Christians believe, and therefore you feel hesitant to go. But somewhere you know that God is calling you into something bigger which is worth exploring. If you’re prepared to go for it as you are, to put yourself out there and take a risk, then this DTS is for you! This DTS will take ordinary people like you, and give them the opportunity to become world changers. Don’t let the comfortable and predictable hold you back from moving forward with God!’

There are still spaces available and we are still taking applications. So if you’re interested please contact us!

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