Drama Team

I’m Linn and with me I have Eva, we are to ladies who are passionate about Theatre and Jesus. We’re heading up 1Hope Theatre and our vision is to restore hope to young people in Carlisle, England and the rest of Europe by letting them experience and know Christ through drama and theatre, and with the aim that they in turn will train others.

So far we’ve headed up an outreach to the Olympics, helped out with a drama to an evangelistic event called Mysterious, been part of teaching and doing dramas for a different evangelistic children’s event called X:Site, been part of a Holiday Club, done Christmas and Easter outreaches to Trinity school, and tried to pass on what we know to others.

Eva says: The Holiday club was a good way to engage in the community and branch out, great for building relationship. The drama I was part of engaged the kids in the mornings and made them involved. It was lots of fun and the children took part in the story by shouting to the characters.
I love drama and theatre, and being part of something that serves God and incorporates God on a daily basis is really exciting and in a way a dream come through. I would like to see a growth in ways of building network and relationships with people; I also want to see this ministry branch out of Carlisle to other places in England and in Europe.

Please pray for more people to join our team and more possibilities to reach young people with the good news through drama and theatre!

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