DTS Gathering in Wrexham


The September and January DTS trainees headed down to Wrexham last week for the DTS Gathering, a week where several other bases come together for a week of teaching and evangelism. Here’s what a couple of the trainees have to say about their experience…


“One day we went out on the streets we asked people if there was anything we could pray for, had them write it down on postcards and then later prayed into it as a group. It was hard for me at first, until we hit this group of boys. They were a mixed experience. Some of them were genuinely curious, and some of them were just mocking us. They wrote down their prayers, and we left. Later I looked at the prayers. ‘Make weed legal’, ‘make me rich’ but then there was one that stood out to me. A simple message: pray for my stepbrother Matt to get better, he has leukemia. When we prayed into that, my heart just broke. I was in tears. God’s love for that guy and his family hit me like a sledgehammer, nothing less. Sharing it at testimony time that night was just as rough. And I knew that one guy, just one, made that whole day worth it. That day was titled a success after that, just because of a teenager smoking weed on the street, that suddenly understood what it was all about, and God shared his heart for the guy with me.”


“For me the gathering was a step in faith. It was really nice to celebrate the goodness of God with so many people and to reach out to the people of Wrexham. It was the first time that I actually prayed for somebody on the streets and I was surprised that the people where so positive and open to prayer. One of the most inspiring moments for me was when we prayed for 4 boys of the age of 14-16. We prayed for them and they had a hard time trying to stay cool and not let the others see their emotions; God really moved and reached out to guys and used us to be part of that.”

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