Evangelism in Berlin

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Doing some evangelism, Laura and I went to a coffee shop. We ordered a drink and asked God what He wanted us to do. I began to write while Laura drew a picture. At the table next to ours there were three people sitting and talking and slowly we realized that they were speaking English, although we are pretty certain that they were speaking German to each other earlier!  As they were about to leave, Laura and I started a conversation with them because I felt that God wanted me to give my note to the girl in the group, while Laura felt that her picture was for one of the guys. The girl seemed happy for the note and put it in her purse and the guy asked for the meaning of Laura’s picture. We also got to tell them about how we were on a DTS and sharing God’s love to the people of Berlin. It was so encouraging to dare to step out and at the same time using our God-given creativity to impact people’s lives!


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