When you look at the needs in a city, perhaps it’s not immediately ‘university students’ who come to mind. But with the new student housing being built in the city and the massive rise of fees in 2012, we had an idea!

Why not serve a delicious, wholesome meal once a week to whoever wants to come, for only £1? We believe that God is generous and hospitable and that’s something worth joining with him in; to welcome students to the area and to help them in a time when finances cause stress and worry. He is also a God of relationships and of bringing people together – this is a vision the local church holds too! – to get to know and to share life with new people in their neighbourhood.

Currently, once a week, we serve around 40-50 meals to university students at a local parish centre. We’ve taken trips to the lakes, had discussion groups, ‘random acts of kindness’ days, and other events to create a sense of community and to get to know the students we eat with. An alpha course begins soon, which give us an opportunity to explore life and faith with those who want to know more!