Expectations, testimony from Berlin!

By January 20, 2012 DTS No Comments

I’ve wanted to be a missionary for so long that I suppose I romanticized it. I expected it to be easy and inspiring. The truth is that not every part of life is only great. There will be the nights where you feel lonely and you have lots of questions.  That sort of thing happens in life, so why wouldn’t it happen in missions too?  I guess I just didn’t think it would.

But even though sometimes things are hard, keep dreaming! It’s worth it to see small German children smile and squeal with glee as you play with them and beautiful teenage girls laugh and feel loved and appreciated for a while.  It’s worth it to get to encourage and pray with young people who long for more of Jesus and to pray for Germany along the remnants of the Berlin wall.  Some people will respond as they don’t care, others will open up their hearts for you. This afternoon I was able to let God speak through my talents, was incredible.  It reminded me why I do this, why I love missions and why it is so much fun! It’s because of the time I get with God, the time I get with so many other people and cultures, and especially the time I get showing people that they are not alone—that there is a God who loves them and desires them intensely!  Those times are so special.  And when I think about it, they happen a lot more frequently than I thought.  I think God’s given them to me every day.  I suppose the hard stuff really isn’t so big in comparison after all.


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