Highlights – Brazil week 5

Wow, what a week!

On Tuesday we went to a local Kindergarten school, where we did dramas and shared about Jesus with the kids there. It was such a great experience and they said they loved having us coming to play games and be with them. We sang “Making melodies in my heart” in Portuguese, and gave out little hearts to the children with “Jesus te ama” (Jesus Loves You) on them.

In the afternoon Me, Matt and Elisa went on a house visit – which was in a “vertical” favela. It was essentially a skyscraper that had not been completed, as the developer had made a mistake building them and abandoned them and over the years people had moved in and created their own homes in the building. As we walked towards it I saw expensive houses on my left, and on the right piles of litter, graffiti and concrete. We ended up going to the 6th floor and visiting a lovely family – they were so welcoming and their home was very nicely decorated. We got to talk with them and we prayed for the family at the end. It was an awesome experience.

On Thursday I was really excited to find out that we would be going to a Youth Prison. I had wanted to visit a prison and do some prison ministry since coming to Brazil. It was such a fantastic event, we shared with two different groups and did a drama, I shared a testimony and Matt preached in the prison. The people there seemed to be really impacted. We talked with the guys at the end and one guy came up to me asking more about my testimony – I got to pray with him in the prison at the end.

On Friday evening we did ministry with some street kids. It was a great evening as we did dramas, played UNO with the kids, took photos together and shared about what God had done in our lives. They were totally captivated by the dramas we did and I could tell that they were really listening to the message we were bringing; that there is hope!

This week has been full of new experiences, challenges, working around difficulties but with God’s help we saw some awesome things happen and many people were impacted.

~ Jamie Allen

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