I wonder what next week will bring?

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On the bridge over Castle Way

I have been challenged, I have been stretched. I’ve experienced times of unexplainable peace; I’ve sat through times of irrepressible tears. My very concepts of God have been shaken, my world view changed. I have had a glimpse of my future; felt a touch of Gods heart for the nations. I have sat laughing with new friends, as the insuppressible joy of God has fallen on the room with a thud; I have sat and watched those same friends cry as Gods healing presence has landed like a delicate dove.

There have been times I have thought of nothing but home, times where I have looked at my suitcase and thought of packing; yet there have also been times where nothing short of God Himself, could tear me away from the peace that has come to surround me.

Through times of struggle, tough choices and moments of despair I have found a security in God, an understanding that regardless of where my life takes me, He shall be there guiding me.

A question I ask myself daily; “Could I have grown so much, in so little time sitting at home?” I am on week two of a twelve week course and already God has begun to refine me and thus redefine me. Where will I end up after this season ends?

I know the call of God is to lay down my life entire, to die and yet live to my own desire. What God will do with such an offering I have only just begun to see, yet home is a place I doubt I’ll be.

I wonder what next week will bring?

Jamie he Luke Zai Zuo Fan
– Luke Horobin

On DTS in Carlisle

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