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Last week the team went to Newcastle to join with 6 other DTS teams and a SOE team to do evangelism together. It was organized by the YWAM England FOREVER team, who are preparing for YWAM’s outreaches around the Olympic Games in 2012. As part of that, they organize evangelism weeks where DTS teams from all over England and Europe come together to listen to teaching and to do evangelism together. There were about 150 people gathered together in Newcastle.

What was it like for you Matt Lemley?

–          I enjoyed meeting so many other people very much! We saw God heal, save and do amazing things in people’s lives! We also encountered God in incredible ways in our own lives and got to build relationships with other people throughout the week. God really revealed his heart for Newcastle and England to us throughout the week. The people are just so hungry and open in Newcastle. This was apparent as we went into the city, throughout the week the testimonies just piled up. God is doing something in Newcastle and throughout Europe. He is sowing seeds of revival and pouring out His Spirit on all flesh and it is very exciting to be a part of that!

praying together

Tell us some about what the week looked like!

–          The week started with an orientation hunt around the city Sunday night. It was fun just to see the city and get to know a couple people. The first night we started the week off right and worshiped. We also were able to pray for healing for each other the first night and saw many healed. Meals were good during the week and it was fun to mingle with people from other bases. We did a lot of walking but it was good fun and exercise! We had worship and intercession a couple times throughout the rest of the week and also teaching.  We were privileged to hear great teaching from Yan Nichols who leads the YWAM England FOREVER team, Carl Tinnion who is the national director of YWAM England, and others as well. It was great to learn about evangelism and hear a lot of stories.  We were really challenged and encouraged to step out of our comfort zones.  Many of us did just that and were changed and empowered. The speakers were all great and have had great impact on my life.

What were some of the things that impacted you?

–          One thing we saw is that God really wants to unite the city of Newcastle and we really got to see that in a real way one day. Many of the pastors get together each week and pray with each other for the city. On Thursday about ten of them came to our meeting and we got to pray for them and they also prayed for us. It was awesome to see how the local churches are joining together to see God move regardless of denominational backgrounds or difference!  I was really blessed by seeing that. It was also amazing to see the unity among everyone involved in YWAM. We were able to pray for each other and bless each other throughout the week. I saw so much love among believers from so many different countries and backgrounds and that was just amazing to see! We were able to spend a lot of time with each other and I believe friendships were made that will last a lifetime. It is encouraging to see what God is doing and that He is raising up a people to share the good news. This week of gathering was powerful and exciting! God did great things in us and through us that will have an impact that last forever!

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