Looking back on outreach

By March 28, 2012 DTS No Comments

DTS outreach is over. It’s been nine busy but incredible weeks. We’ve led small groups, dance classes, hosted dinners and given testimonies. Also, we talked to people on the streets, buses, trains and in restaurants. One of the most rewarding things to see during outreach was the change in people; God has been working in our lives and in the lives of the people we’ve reached out to. Many of us were afraid to go out and talk to people at first but through many given opportunities to step out we realized it’s not scary at all. God is bigger than our fears of talking to people we don’t know. We were not always sure if what we had to say to people would have any impact, or if it would make any sense. But it’s truly rewarding to talk about God and to help others to have a better understanding of who God really is! People realizing that God really does care; the change that brought was incredibly powerful. Now the outreach is over, everyone goes their own way again. But we all have taken away something amazing; we won’t ever be the same!


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