Meet Elisa

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Elisa is from Finland and before coming on the DTS she was studying nursing in Finland.

How did you end up on the YWAM Carlisle DTS?
Last spring I felt God call me to take some time to spend concentrating on Him. Friends told me about YWAM and DTS, so I looked at different websites and the YWAM Carlisle one stood out to me. I liked that it’s a smaller DTS. If I thought about it a year ago I would have said ‘no way!’ But I felt God give me a real peace about it. Friends and family said they would support me financially and God provided all the funds I needed partly by giving me a job in the summer and through family and friends.

You’ve been here for a few days now; what have your first impressions been?
It seems the staff here have close relationships with one another and it’s a safe and loving environment. I can be myself here and I don’t have to be more religious than I am! I was positively surprised that there is such an emphasis on the Holy Spirit from the start.

What has God done in your life since you arrived here?
He has given me a peace that I’ve made the right choices to be here. He really has guided me here! He’s also been confirming things he’s told me before and given me more clarity. I’ve been given words of knowledge and prophetic words from people I’ve never met before that have lined up with what God has said before.

What hopes and expectations do you have of God during this DTS?

I hope that God will clarify the plans he’s got for me after DTS. I’m also looking forward to knowing Him better and learning how to be His hands and mouth to people that don’t know Him yet. And I believe God has called me to work with kids, so I’m very excited about outreach in Brazil!

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