Meet the Staff: Elsa

Hi, I’m Elsa, from here in England and its coming up to my fourth year at YWAM Carlisle. I just don’t know how time can possibly have moved so fast. You could say I’ve grown up here – I discovered that God truly loves me, here on a DTS, I made life-directing choices here, I took on more responsibilities here, during my BLS, and this is the year I lead my first full-on outreach team abroad!

What am I excited for that’s going on right now in Carlisle? Well, I’m not someone who likes to do a lot of work purely for the sake of being busy. But I love to see someone get it. Get Jesus. Understand the importance of knowing Him above all else, or just a person on the street who gets a glimpse of the extraordinary person that He is. That’s what I love. So I guess I could say, people coming each step closer to seeing Him face to face, here in Carlisle.

So, it’s those conversations on Botchergate that leave people hungry to meet God, or the times when you’re sitting with a university student at a meal and a real question comes up, or spending time with a DTS trainee as they count the cost of whether they can really give what God’s asking of them.

My favourite verse is blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled, because I’ve seen it to be a promise that’s true. And this year in Carlisle, I would love to see that even more.

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