Miriam: The LDC experience

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I’ve just returned from 6 weeks in southernSpainbeing a part of the Leadership Development Course in Malagawhich is an experiential, transformational leadership course run by YWAM.

It was 6 weeks of teaching input, discussion in class and mentoring groups, modelling, practical application and prayer into relational leadership with a team of 40 people from 14 nations. We experienced and learned about leading from a place of freedom and wholeness, Integrity in leadership, skills in conflict resolution and the unity, diversity and conflict in teams. We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of leading from our particular personality and gifting, God’s plan for Blessing, our discipleship and development throughout our lives, team (not individual) leadership, mentoring, coaching, self leadership and so many other topics .Then a lot of praying, worshipping, ministry and fun with one another.

One of the overriding threads from the whole time there was the reminder of how God is always intentional with us. I’m not talking about a predestined all worked out unchangeable plan. But more the truth that I’m known by Him, He is and has always been involved with me, He has plans that He wants me to join Him in and therefore He is totally intentional about how He leads, guides, refreshes, heals, teaches and prepares.

I’ve been in YWAM 21 years and after many years of giving out, pioneering and home schooling I had found myself in a place of transition needing refreshing and input and the space to begin to ask “What next Lord?” In this physically beautiful and inspiring place, with rich teaching, input and ministry, that working progress has begun. God has given me the next steps and the renewed strength to begin taking them with fresh understanding about His heart and intention for team, leadership and how to love Him and others to see lives transformed and people reached.

– Miriam

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