New Base Leader : Miriam Lowe

Meet our new base leader!

Miriam Lowe is from New Zealand and joined YWAM in 1991 when she did a DTS at Homestead Manor. She came up to Carlisle in 1999 and helped her husband Richard start YWAM Carlisle in 2001. Miriam worked in the background and home-schooled their two sons, Jacob and Ben, while Richard was leading the base. Several years later Richard handed over the role of leadership to Emma who has just stepped down and is moving on to new ventures. Over the past few months Miriam has been meeting with Emma and talking about the possibility of taking on the role of base leader. Miriam believed that there was some unfinished business with her role in YWAM Carlisle and so she has accepted to lead the Carlisle base.

We sat down and asked Miriam what she’d like to see happen in this team and in the city and this is part of what she shared:

“Lots of Jesus stuff! I’d like to be a community of people who are about the Fathers business, a team who is growing up and working in partnership with God.  It’s about putting time into our team and maturing and becoming well developed in our relationship with God. “

We are excited to have Miriam as our leader and for this new season that we are heading in to. Please continue to pray for Miriam as she takes on this new role.

Please see below to read Miriam’s own profile.

Hi I’m Miriam from New Zealand

Doing my DTS 21 years ago I realised that there is the most amazing King who has the most amazing Kingdom – one full of all that is good and right, just and loving and that’s what He cares about -seeing His way come and invade ours and having every single wonderful person on planet earth hear about it.

What compels me is His heart for each one – that we would know the passionate love of Him as our Father, set into freedom by Jesus and living with all the life of the Holy Spirit and to go and do what Jesus did and more. So I get up in the mornings knowing that whatever I do today I want to be a part of creating possibilities to see this happen in the lives of those around me and out into all the world. I love that I can be a part of this family business where God invites us all to work in partnership alongside Him to see that each person gets to see meet Him for themselves.





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