New Website!!!

By November 10, 2009 Base 4 Comments

It is with mixed feelings that we announce and unveil our brand new website! Rather like taking our old hound to the vet to be put down, this week we pressed the “upload” button with tears in our eyes remembering all the good times we had with the old website. But the time has come, and at long last the new look of YWAM Carlisle’s website has arrived. Now, obviously everything is not perfect with our new website, and we will be improving and editing it as we go along.

And here’s where you can help us: If you have any ideas for how we can improve, please contact us! If you see something that needs to be fixed, please contact us! If you’re looking for some information that isn’t on the website, please contact us! If you would like to say hello, please contact us!

Thanks and God bless you!


  • ywamcarlisle says:

    Leave a comment, eh? Speak your mind…

  • Ashley Hughes says:

    new website looks fantastic….there should be more pictures of me though :) Great job Ben and whoever else!

  • Jamie Allen says:

    I love it – it’s awesome! The chap who did it must be very annointed!! 😀

  • Esoteric man! says:

    Speaking my mind may be unwise and arcane… eh?

    A comment however, I can do… So, as I’m feeling very counter-cultural… unusually flamboyant… a little exuberant perhaps… altogether puerile after what was a far too stressful day of work… crikey, superlatives flowing all over the place… not necessarily in context… anyway…

    “Nice” web site mate.

    Today I’m wishing I had someone else’s windows laptop to detonate with “over the counter” explosives, right now… just to de stress… and a respectable caliber firearm… wielding a petrol chain saw on my quad bike while drinking coffee… or even better wielding a petrol lawnmower… there’s an image, eh?
    I leave you all there with a scottish blessing…
    Lang may your lum reek!

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