Olympics drama outreach

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“Inspire a generation”

This is what the Olympic posters say. And we’d like to inspire this generation for God!

For the Olympics we took a youth drama team to Newcastle and performed drama’s in parks around the city and in front of churches. We saw many people touched by God and we pray this will be an ongoing process in their lives! It was such a blessing to be a part of this outreach!

“It was amazing to see drama impact the young people from the deprived areas in Newcastle and to share life with the people on the street” – Linn Iren

“It was such an eye-opener to realise that there are people with such a huge amount of practical needs, so close to us, and I loved seeing how God used even the small things that we did to open up opportunities to show His love. It was an impacting few days!” – Elsa

“I loved seeing people from different nations and backgrounds just being together, united by God. How God can use something simple like a drama to really speak to people and touch their lives, it still amazes me!” – Lisanne

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