Testimonies from the Olympic drama team

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Dramas on the street:

We performed dramas on the street for two days in a deprived area of Newcastle called Byker. There we got many good conversations, and some challenging comments from people who weren’t too impressed with what we were doing.

The first day we met a girl and her sister. ‘Christina’ was 11 years old, one of 7 siblings. Her clothes were too big and full of holes. Both her and her 3 year old sister, whom ‘Christina’ was taking care of, were quite dirty. I got to talk to her about how proud God was of her, that she was amazing and that God was a good dad who really wants to be her friend. She came back the last day we were there as well, and we got to talk to her some more and give her a bag of chocolates. Pray that God will send more people into this family to show them His love.

The second day we were there, a lady came over and stopped two of the girls in the middle of a drama. She talked to them for a long time before coming over to talk to me. Beverly started the conversation with praising our girls for being so wise for their age. Then she said she would like to believe in God, but she didn’t manage because so many bad things had happend in her life. After talking for a while she told me her story of how her children had been taken into their fathers care, that she only got to see them once a week and that she was sorry for all the bad things in her life. I said that God could forgive her for all the bad things, if she wanted, and she let me pray for her. After she said she felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and I told her that if she ever felt bad again for her past, she should remember that the 30th of July 2012, God had forgiven her.


Dramas in Parks:

We tried to do a Trafficking awareness drama in one of the parks in the City Centre of Newcastle. In the drama it looks like I’m beating one of the girls up. As we started, an alcoholic lady came over and nearly hit me, because she thought it was real. We got to talk to her for a long while, and God told me to give her my jacket. After discussing this a bit with Him I gave her my jacket, and she got so touched she started to share things from her life with us that she said she hadn’t told anyone before. We talked to her for nearly an hour and got to pray for her as well before we had to leave, and she left us with a smile on her face.

In the parks we realised it was quite hard to get an audience, so in Leazes Park we practiced our Alice in Wonderland drama. After doing that a couple of times, two girls in their late teens came and watched us. We asked if they wanted to give us feedback on our dramas, so they watched and we got to talk to them afterwards about life and who/what controls your heart?, which is what the drama is about. They also liked the facepaint we had done for the drama, so we painted them as well. One of the girls told us she was afraid of ghosts after experiencing her duvet being dragged off her bed with no-one else around. I asked to pray for her, and she said she wanted prayer, but not there.


Drama at a Youth Café

The last day we helped out at a church called St Silas in Byker. They had a Youth Café in the evening, and there we got to show our Alice in wonderland drama for about 30 kids that came from non-church backgrounds. They were really into the drama and commented a lot during our performance. After that we had many good conversations about who God is and life in general. A 12 year old girl thought that God wasn’t good because she knew someone who’s baby sister has died. A boy with a red caps was really positive to God, and tried to read the Bible.

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