Sarah Tan

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Before I applied to this DTS, I skimmed through the testimonies of those in the previous Carlisle DTS thinking that I could somehow prepare myself, and I still did not expect that it would be what it has been. If I thought I could see before, I realize now I’ve been so blinded. If I thought I was close to God before, I understand now how much deeper my relationship with Him can grow. If I thought I was loved before, now my heart knows. If I thought I knew God before, the bible convicted me that I didn’t. But you get my drift… like every other thing, walking in righteousness is still a process, and as Paul says, a ‘race’. But this is a race you don’t want to miss … because not just the finishing line, but the journey, is like green tea ice cream, bailey’s ice cream, Starbucks white mocha frappucino, an E.e Cumming poem and a sunrise mixed together (or better, if you would).

Basically, if you want to unveil your eyes, embrace the heart of God, find your purpose in existence and discover that you’re a loved child of your Father … you know what to do! (Read your bible.) (Or…join a DTS and get to do both.)

So if I were to summarize what this DTS has been (which I am), I would say…

Come and find out for yourself 😀

Annoying, I know but… let yourself by surprised. ( i’m not good at summarizing anyway.)

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