Spirit, Soul & Body

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Wow. I never believed I could be so challenged and impacted in just one week, I wasn’t expecting what hit me! Last week Mariette Louw came and taught us on the topic of Body, Soul & Spirit. She taught us about the difference between our bodies, souls and spirits, which I found very interesting as I haven’t had much teaching on this topic before. Mariette talked about the importance of living connected with God and his Holy Spirit inside of us, rather than being distracted by our minds, wills or emotions.

Mariette also taught us how to pray in a totally different way – instead of asking God in our prayers, she encouraged us to start declaring who he is – praying with authority and learning to speak out our testimonies of who God is together. The difference it made was instantly obvious, I started connecting with the Holy Spirit as we were praying and really pressing in. I really started to understand that our words have the power of life or death, and what we speak, what we declare, is powerful.

Overall, it was a totally radical week.

– Jamie Allen

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