St. Barnabas

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Together with the Anglican Church we are working to pioneer youth groups in different churches all over Carlisle. One area of focus is Raffles where we are working with St. Barnabas Church. The hope is that many of the youth will get to know Jesus and begin following Him. We aim to do this by building relationships with the youth where they hang out, and invite them to youth groups where we can share about Jesus.

The DTS students go out on Tuesday and Friday nights to spend time with the youth in this area and have had a great time getting to know them. They make hot chocolate to hand out and bring a football to kick around.

“My favorite part about ST. Barnabas is that it’s such a practical way to help and show that you care, we’ve had some great conversations with the youth. At first we were thinking that the youth wouldn’t want to go into the church but one time they were playing football and they ran straight into the church! I think people are very open if you meet them where they’re at, in their own environment; because of that we’ve had a very positive response. “ -Lisanne

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