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the Team in Steinkopf

the Team in Steinkopf

In the first week of their stay in Steinkopf, the Ten had the goal to build relationships with the people, so that they could build on those relationships. They wanted to invest time in individuals and make an impact on their life, instead of hitting the great mass with the gospel.

Tyler about the time in Steinkopf: ‘Steinkopf was such an amazing place that I feel blessed to have been able to experience the community. During our stay we had the gift of time and freedom to organize our own schedule. As a group we decided to take advantage of both these characteristics and invest in relationships we established during the first few days. This decision and the follow through taught me a lot about discipleship. I became aware that if you truly want to see change then you must invest. People need to see the gospel that is being preached lived out in your life.’

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