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What would it take to reach the university population of Carlisle with the Good News that Jesus loves them?

We reckon food might go a long way!

As we’ve been praying, we’ve felt led to start showing God’s heart of hospitality to the university students of Carlisle. Our hope is that this will lead to them wanting to find out more about the God that loves them so much and get to know him. So we’re starting a Student Ministry Project which will aim to provide good, wholesome meals for students once a week in a safe environment where they will feel cared for. The dinners will purely be about food and about building relationship with the students, and will serve as a gateway for us to invite the students to other activities in which there will be opportunities to share with them about who God is, with the hope that they will want to take part in a Student Alpha course, and decide they want to follow Jesus.

We will aim to serve 75-125 students per week and this will be funded in part by a small charge of £1 for the meals per person. We are also working with St James church, who have agreed to let us use their parish centre for free which will of course help bring costs down. We do, however, expect meals to cost around £3 per person on average, which is why we are now asking you to help! We are looking to raise a total value of £5000 for the Student Dinners and another £1000 for events to follow on from the dinners for the 2012-13 academic year.


Your company is requested at the Student Dinner Fundraiser at St James’ Parish Centre on the 12th September at 6pm.

Join us for a fun time with good food, hearing more about our ministry to reach the student population of Carlisle and an opportunity to give generously.

To buy tickets (£5 in advance or £6 on the door) please contact Emma:

When Steve Jobs died, I watched a video of a speech he gave, in which he spoke of his time at university. He said that he used to travel for an hour across town every week, in order to go to the weekly dinners that were served by the Buddhists. This is how he ended up becoming a Buddhist. When I heard that, I wondered if, had the dinners been served by Christians, Mr Jobs might have ended up following Jesus instead. For me, that is inspiration enough to start providing the opportunity for the students in Carlisle to get to know Jesus. Would you like to join us? It would be so great to see you at our fundraiser!


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