Here are a few testimonies from some of our current and past trainees.

[quote]‘Before I applied to this DTS, I skimmed through the testimonies of those in the previous Carlisle DTS thinking that I could somehow prepare myself, and I still did not expect that it would be what it has been. If I thought I could see before, I realize now I’ve been so blinded. If I thought I was close to God before, I understand now how much deeper my relationship with Him can grow. If I thought I was loved before, now my heart knows. If I thought I knew God before, the bible convicted me that I didn’t. But you get my drift… like every other thing, walking in righteousness is still a process, and as Paul says, a ‘race’. But this is a race you don’t want to miss … because not just the finishing line, but the journey, is like green tea ice cream, bailey’s ice cream, Starbucks white mocha frappucino, an E.e Cumming poem and a sunrise mixed together (or better, if you would).Basically, if you want to unveil your eyes, embrace the heart of God, find your purpose in existence and discover that you’re a loved child of your Father … you know what to do! (Read your bible.) (Or…join a DTS and get to do both.)So if I were to summarize what this DTS has been (which I am), I would say…

Come and find out for yourself :D’[/quote] – Sarah Tan from Singapore, trainee on the January 2010 DTS.
[quote] ‘The team has been really been struck with is the powerful anointing God has blessed us with to see miraculous healings right in front of our eyes. A few specific examples come to mind. First off there was one woman in the community who had weak legs and was not able to walk, she also had bad hearing so one of our team Nathan from France prayed for her legs and wonderfully her legs became strong again, it was incredible for him to see this with his own eyes, but he forgot to pray for her sight so when he remembered a short while later he prayed for her hearing and it returned. Another story that is a favourite of ours was having the pleasure to see a deaf man hear, another woman who could not walk now walk and we even had the pleasure of seeing a Muslim woman come to faith. Another favourite was Jon’s he and our guide Derek met a woman who had arthritis throughout her whole body so they prayed for her and wonderfully she was healed but she started to cry. At this point we new Jesus had done something wonderful in her they asked her about it and she replied that how she did not tell them about her bad back and as she saw Jon and Derek walking up to her front garden God had healed her back before we even reached her.’[/quote] – Hannah Hempsted from the US, trainee on the September 2009 DTS

[quote] “This DTS has completely changed my view of who God is. I used to think He was authoritarian and strict, but I now have experienced that He is a loving Father. And I’m learning that the Holy Spirit wants my friendship so now I spend time with Him all the time: in the shower, when I cook, when I eat … I feel close to God. And I’m learning to deal with conflict with other people that are different from me. Community life has changed me a lot.”[/quote] – Nathan from France, trainee on the September 2009 DTS.

[quote]‘Nothing could really have prepared any of us for what we were to experience from the Karen people in their temporary housing in “Mae La Oon” Refugee camp in Thailand… What amazing people. We were there to support a medical team from “Partners” who oversee the care of many children in the camp who are orphaned in some way due to the conflict in their home country, Myanmar…

While they were checking every one of the 360 children from about 6 years old up to late teens in the school, and administering medicine and advice, we were able to bless them with games, activities, simple teaching of the gospel and encouragement that God is looking out for them despite their circumstances in the camp. There was a strong message of identity and hope in Jesus, and we spent time driving home Isaiah 49:16 to the children and young adults, assuring them God is working to bring all things together for good, and that as God works (with His hands) He sees their name written there on His palms and works with them in mind. They all drew around their own hands onto card and wrote their names in the middle with the verse… they seemed to love it.’ [/quote] – Lee from England, trainee on the September 2007 DTS.