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Here’s a testimony from Laura, one of our DTS trainees.

During our City Center Outreach René and I walked across City Center. We felt God had spoken to us, told us to go to The Lanes, and we had some clues about who we were looking for; but I don’t think either of us felt like God was really going to do something through us that afternoon.  About a minute later we came to a woman I felt God was leading us to.  As René and I began a conversation with this woman I felt like we were falling flat on our faces.  Almost as soon as I thought that, however, the woman spoke.  She was shocked that God had sent us to talk to her; she kept saying “To me, I can’t believe you came to talk to me.”  She told us how she had a ton of problems in her life right now and it was clear that this was the perfect time for God to step in.  As we conversed, this woman opened up about a lot of her hurts and the wrong things she had done.  She began the conversation seeming fairly closed to God and by the time we parted she asked us to promise to pray for her.  René and I were both blown away!  This dear woman has so many wounds in her heart and though she didn’t accept Christ on the spot, we know God met with her in a very personal and life-changing way; she left us seeming much more open to God and more understanding of His special love for her.  It was fabulous!  Both René and I were ready for the two other women God wanted to meet that windy day in City Center!

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