Testimony by Lucie-Anna

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Lucie-Anna was on the January DTS of 2010. Here she shares some of her experience of the DTS.

‘DTS was awesome. I learnt so much and grew loads in my relationship with God. I loved how we got to spend time learning about who God is. That God is a personal God, who wants to be my father, and who loves me just as I am. I understood for the first time that God is a God who loves me and not a God who wants to punish. I liked that the speakers understood when we are scared about new things and that we got to learn more about God in a loving way. The week where I changed the most was the week about the Holy Spirit, this was a subject I did not know a lot about and I was scared about all these new things. In the beginning of that week I didn’t feel good at all, I did not want this week. But God showed me that he is not scary and that he wants to be my father. So it turned into a really good week, with a lot of changes in my life! :)

To live with all these people from different nations was also a good experience. I learned a lot about different cultures, which I really liked. I made such good relationships and friends for life. During the lecture phase we had work duties. This is so much fun, and you get to know the people you live with better. I can remember that we were a bit shy in the first weeks, but doing work duties together was a nice way to get out of my comfort zone and get to know these people.
The best of all was the outreach. We went to South Africa. There we saw God move, people turn to Jesus, people who were sick got better, etc. In all these things I saw how amazing God is!

If I could I would do my DTS again – right now!!!!’

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